Monday, 26 February 2018

February Favourites!

February hasn't quite been the fresh start I was hoping for. Between recurring migraines, a husband moaning about eye pain/headaches/sore legs, and a rather busy few weeks, my goals have been mostly forgotten about. But more about that in my March Goals post, later this week. Today I'm here to share the highlights of my February. These are a few of my favourite things from February...

I've been trying to set aside one day a week to have a Lush bath in an effort to prioritise self-care. I'm also trying to use up my bath bomb/bubble bar stash before Summer hits and the shower becomes my preferred method of bathing. Lush bath days are my favourite days of the week; a chance to completely switch off and unwind with a good book, or some Netflix, in the tub. 

This month, one of my blogger friends (Holly) published her debut novel! I've been so excited for her first book, ever since she first announced her plans to write it, and so I was honoured to receive an ARC to review. You can read my review of The Ascension of Melanie Winters here, but safe to say; I loved it! A five star read, and I urge all of you to go grab a copy now. No regrets.

I started getting my nails done at the end of last year, and I've continued this into this year. I love the hour/hour and a half I spend in the nail salon; completely switched off and just being in the moment. And I feel like a million dollars when I walk out of the salon with a fresh set of nails. These are last month's nails, I'll have a new set by the time this post goes live. I'm sure I'll share them with you in a future post!

It was our first Valentine's Day as Mr and Mrs this year, and although we didn't do much to celebrate, it was so special to receive a 'wife' Valentine's Day card!

Steph would have you believe I'm the enabler in our friendship, but if she hadn't introduced me to the charity bookstores in Cheltenham, I never would have come home from our brunch and book shopping date with this big stack of books. Still, I can't complain. It was a lovely morning spent perusing charity bookstores and eating a massive breakfast!

This month has seen me obsessed with the Pitch Perfect 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. I can't stop blasting these tunes out in my car, whilst singing along of course! On the way to therapy, nail appointments, or just driving around town. This is on repeat in my car at the moment. 

What have you been loving this month? 

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