Friday, 9 February 2018

Book Review: Remember Me This Way by Sabine Durant

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Everyone keeps telling me I have to move on. And so here I am, walking down the road where he died, trying to remember him the right way. 

A year after her husband Zach's death, Lizzie goes to lay flowers where his fatal accident took place.

As she makes her way along the motorway, she thinks about their life together. She wonders whether she has changed since Zach died. She wonders if she will ever feel whole again. 

At last she reaches the spot. And there, tied to a tree, is a bunch of lillies. The flowers are addressed to her husband. Someone has been there before her.

Lizzie loved Zach. She really did.

But she's starting to realise she didn't really know him.

Or what he was capable of...

I usually find I disagree with the overall rating of a book because I thought it was rubbish, but the overall rating disagrees with my opinion. In this case, I disagree with the overall rating for Remember Me This Way, by Sabine Durant, because this book deserves a much higher rating than it currently has. Let me explain.

The opening chapters seem a little dull, I'll grant you. When I first started reading Remember Me This Way, I was ready for something of a slot. But once I'd got the first few chapters out of the way, the story really opened up and took up a quicker pace. A chilling, ominous feel kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the book, and I found I could not put it down! 

A fantastic, gripping, chilling thriller then. So why does it have just 3.65 stars on Goodreads? It deserves more than that, as Sabine Durant is a fantastic storyteller. Highly recommend! 

Rating: ****

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