Monday, 12 February 2018

30 Before 30 - Goals Revisited!

Last year saw me give myself a massive kick up the backside when I set myself a whopping thirty goals to achieve before I turn thirty. And, I'm not going to lie; I may have been dreaming when I set myself some of these goals. I turn twenty-eight this year, so I've only got another two years left to tick all these goals off. And I don't see us getting to New York at Christmas in the next two years, to be honest! Anyway, today I'm going to revisit my 30 before 30 goals, and see how many (if any) I've managed to tick off in the last year!

1. Visit New York, at Christmas!

2. Go to the dentist. I've not had a full check-up, but when I was experiencing awful jaw pain (a result of anxiety, it later transpired) I did go to the dentist. I was told there's nothing wrong with my teeth, and they're in pretty good condition considering I only brush once a day, don't floss and hadn't been to the dentist in years.

3. Cook, or bake, something from scratch. Does fish finger pie count? I mean, really, what is from scratch? Fish finger pie is as close as I'll get to from scratch, so I'll count that as a success.

4. Have a baby (or two).

5. Get married. Last September, I finally said "I do!" I'm now a married woman.

6. Buy myself a designer handbag. I may never use my designer handbag, but at least I can say I own one!

7. Celebrate Christmas at home.

8. Read, at least, one book a month. It's safe to say I'm accomplishing this goal, and then some. With 120+ books read last year, I'm easily averaging one book a week.

9. Go to a gig or show. 

10. Keep a diary. 

11. Redecorate the kitchen.

12. Grow my Bloglovin' to 1000 followers.

13. Grow my Twitter and Instagram following to 5000.

14. Lose 7 stone.

15. Repaint the house. 

16. Go full-time with blogging.

17. Attend, at least, one blogging event.

18. Buy myself a MacBook.

19. Replace the old/worn-out furniture.

20. Cook a Sunday roast, at least, once a month. It's taken us a while, but we're finally eating at home more often than not. And I do cook a roast dinner, at least, once a month. 

21. Learn how to do my make-up, properly.

22. Swim with dolphins.

23. Have some decent savings.

24. Get my name put on the mortgage.

25. Replace the fire in our living room.

26. Watch the sunrise.

27. Go to a field, lie down and watch the stars.

28. Go on a road trip.

29. Buy a new car.  Unexpectedly ticked this one off the list when our car started having all kinds of electrical faults just after Christmas. An expense we didn't need, but we've got a wonderful new car now, so it was worth it.

30. Get a dog.

Seven out of thirty and...well, it's more than I was expecting to have achieved in just a year. But at this rate, if I continue to average seven a year? I'll still be working on these goals well into my thirties. 

Being realistic though, I know I won't achieve at least a few of these goals; going on a road trip, getting my name put on the mortgage (rather than incur fees, we'll wait till we eventually move house), swimming with dolphins, and visiting New York at Christmas. But hopefully I can get a lot more ticked off over this coming year. 

Wish me luck!

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