Wednesday, 3 January 2018

What I Got For Christmas!

I'm well aware I shouldn't have to start my post with this little disclaimer, but I like to. I don't want this post to come across as though I'm bragging. I'm extremely grateful for all the lovely gifts I received from family and friends this Christmas, and I know I'm a very lucky girl! So please, just take this post for what it is. A nosy into what Christmas presents I received. And if you don't like posts like this? Come back on Friday for something different! 

Christmas Day was spent with my in-laws, where we opened presents from them and most of our friends. Then ate a massive Christmas dinner, and napped in front of the telly! Perfect Christmas Day, right? Presents from my in-laws: 

Argan Oil foot pack
Hogwarts tote bag
Moisturising Hand Sanitiser
Nintendo 2DS (with Tomodochi pre-installed) 
Personalised pencil crayons, with my married name on
Soap and Glory Spa of Wonder 
Snow Bites x2
Mitchum Deodorant

I was very spoilt! I'm so pleased with all of my presents, but I was definitely most pleased with the Nintendo 2DS. I've hardly put it down since! Now, presents from my husband:

Super Mario 3D Land 
Nintendogs and Cats
Harry Potter A History Of Magic 
£100 towards my iPhone 8

Both of our main presents to each other were money. For him, towards a wheel, pedals and gearbox for his Xbox. For me, towards my iPhone 8. I was chuffed with my new Nintendo games, though. I'm loving Nintendogs, and my new Golden Retriever, Bella! Moving on, now, to presents from friends:

Bomb Cosmetics Holly Dolly Bath Bomb
Dove Shower Set
Sticky Note Set
Memo Block
Unicorn Candle
Bath Snow Crystals
Hand Duo (Soap and Lotion)
Alpine Bath Bomb
Polar Bear (filled with shortbread biscuits!)
Cineworld Christmas Gift Box 
Sass and Belle Unicorn Pouch
Wilko Cat Mug and Treats
Hufflepuff Notebook
Harry Potter Coasters
Harry Potter Money Tin
Simple Skincare Kit

It's safe to say my friends know me, very well. Bath bombs, unicorns and stationery. Three of my favourite things. Oh, and Harry Potter. Obviously! 

Boxing Day was spent at my grandparent's house, with my mother. We had a lovely day, filled with food, family and games. And that's what Christmas is all about, right? So, gifts from my grandparents, mother, and aunt:

Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns Colouring Book
Colour Changing Unicorn Mug
Daughter Pandora Charm
Jamie Oliver Cookbook
Oven Mitt (I think my Auntie might be trying to tell me something with these two presents!)
Per Una Scarf and Gloves
Marks and Spencer Jumper

What a haul! I'm well aware I was a very lucky girl this Christmas. I received some lovely presents from lovely people. I had a really wonderful Christmas. I hope yours was just as good, and you enjoyed this nosy into what I got for Christmas. 

What did you get for Christmas? 

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