Monday, 22 January 2018

Take Care Of Your Tyres* || With Iverson Tyres

*This is a collaborative post* 

I've shared some general car maintenance tips on the blog in the past, but today I want to focus on how you can take care of your car's tyres. Car tyres are one of the most important parts of a car, yet they are often overlooked until problems are flagged up in an MOT, or worse, an accident happens. Taking care of your tyres is an important step in keeping your car running well, and making sure every journey you take is as safe as can be. So how can you maintain your tyres?

Listen to your tyres

The noise your tyres make tell you a lot about the state of them. If your front wheels are squealing, especially going around a corner, this could be a sign that they are under-inflated. Check you tyre pressure, even if they don't appear under-inflated. Grinding sounds from your tyres are a cause for concern, and not a time to take risks. This could be a sign of failing brakes; worn drums or pads. Don't delay when you hear this noise; take your car straight to a garage. Screeching tyres, although normal if cornering at high speeds or braking quickly, can indicate that the tread depth on your tyres is illegal.

Tyre rotation

It's prudent to rotate the tyres from one position on the car to another to ensure even wear and tyre. Rotating tyres can extend their life, and car manufacturers usually recommend tyres be rotated every 8,000 to 10,000 kms. There are four common types of tyre rotation; cross rotation, straight rotation, 5 tyre rotation, and 4 wheel drive. Tyre rotation can be carried out at your local garage. 

Wheel balancing

Wheel alignment is really important, as it ensures your car handles at an optimum level, increasing safety and protecting tyres against premature wear, as well as saving fuel! You'll usually be able to tell if you need to take your car in for wheel balancing, as out of balance wheels will cause a noticeable vibration. 

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is really important, as having properly inflated tyres protects against tyre damage and reduces the possibility that the car will spin out of control. Driving with low tyre pressure also increases fuel consumption. And no one likes a thirsty car! Check your tyre pressure every month, at least, and always before setting out on a long journey. Remember; don't check your tyres when they're hot. The correct tyre pressure for your car can be found in the user manual, the label on the door, or inside the fuel flap.

Repair and replace

If you have any doubts about the road-worthiness of your car's tyres, take them to a local garage to check. Better safe than sorry, remember? Your local garage can carry out further checks than you can on the side of the road; like checking the internal condition of the tyre, as well as the outside. Inevitably, your tyres will need to be replaced, and your local garage can carry out tyre replacement for you, too. Get tyres in Middlesex from Iverson Tyres.

You can ensure that your car's tyres are safe and road-worthy, then, by listening to them, checking the tyre pressure/tread depth, and taking your car to a garage if there are signs that your tyres are no longer in tip-top condition. Don't delay, as driving on unsafe tyres could result in a nasty accident. There's really no excuse! 

Do you care for your car yourself, or take it to a garage?

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