Monday, 29 January 2018

Q&A 2018

I've never done a Q&A post before but, inspired by some of my fave bloggers, I started compiling questions for my first Q&A post last year. Today, I finally have enough for a decent post, so I'm settling down to answer all your pressing questions. Enjoy!

  1. What's your favourite blog post you've written so far? Question from From Fiona.

    Gosh, I've written so many. It's hard to choose! I'm really proud of my new series, Let's Talk About Babies, where I talk about my struggle to get pregnant. I also really love Let's Talk About Sex, where I talk openly and honestly about masturbation, and some fab sex toys! It's one of my most popular posts, too.
  2. What do you like and dislike most about blogging? How do you manage your blogging time? Question from The Lilac Linnet.

    I both like and dislike how much of my time blogging takes up. Sometimes, it frustrates me. Especially when I have lots going on in my life, and feel like I just don't have time for blogging. But I don't know how I'd fill my free time without blogging, either! I'm very organised, and I have set days for scheduling posts, tweets etc. Thanks to my trusty diary, I'm able to keep on top of blogging. Most of the time, anyway!
  3. Favourite restaurant? Question from Lookdwn.

    Hmm, another difficult question. I love food, so I love most restaurants. But I think my favourite would have to be The Belfry, in Littledean, where my husband and I got married. Not just for sentimental reasons; but because the food is just so damn good. And those portion sizes. Daaamn.
  4. Favourite place you've ever visited, and why? Question from The Hels Project.

    I'd have to say Sidmouth. More specifically, a holiday resort called Otter Falls, just outside of Sidmouth. Otter Falls is this amazing, isolated resort with only a handful of cottages, log cabins and houses to stay in. They have a small restaurant, golf course and pool on site. The walks are stunning, and they have a huge pond full of ducks who love it if you stop to feed them! I was so excited to take my husband there a few years ago for his birthday; he loved it, too!
  5. What are three things you couldn't live without? Question from The Hels Project.

    My mobile phone, books, and my cat. Apologies to my husband who doesn't feature on my list. If it's any consolation, my love, you'd be fourth..
  6. What's your favourite book? And why? Question from Charlene McElhinney.

    Easy! The Pact, by Jodi Picoult, is my favourite book for a few reasons. Firstly, because it's the book that started my love affair with reading. Secondly, because it's a book that turned me on to one of my favourite authors. I've read everything she's ever written so far. Thirdly, because the story still haunts me, and makes me feel all the feelings, so many years after first reading it!
  7. When, and why, did you start blogging? Question from My Thrifty Life.

    This May, it'll be three years since I started blogging! Why I started? I was keen on a job in journalism, and I wanted to get some experience behind me. More specifically, I wanted to share my reviews of books, film and games. And that's what this blog started out as.
  8. What was your goal when you first started blogging? How does that differ now, or do you still have very much the same goal? Question from Girl Gone Dreamer.

    Justine, asking the difficult questions! My goal, honestly, when I started blogging? To become rich and famous, like Zoella! Of course, back then I had no idea how hard blogging was, how long it would take to monetise my blog. Now? Well, I'd still love to be rich and famous, like Zoella. But I just hope every month that people will read my blog, love my posts, and connect with me in comments/on social media. I work so hard on my blog, it means a lot when people take the time to read and connect.
  9. Tell us a secret about yourself, something we don't already know! Question from Girl Gone Dreamer

    Ooh, I can't remember what I've already revealed about myself on this blog! A secret...okay, when I was 15, I think, I decided to cut my own hair. It was a disaster, but I told my mum that a hairdresser had done it. After raging, and threatening to drag me back to the hairdressing salon there and then, I convinced her I'd go back the next day. Alone. I texted my best friend who, at the time, was a trainee hairdresser, asking her to bring her scissors to the mall the next day. I met her after her shift at Gap, and she tidied up my hair in the disabled toilets! I never told my mum, but this story was published in the confessions page of Cosmopolitan a year, or two, ago!
  10. If you could travel back to any time period, what would it be and why? Question from The Happy Larkspur.

    Gosh, such a difficult question! I'd have to say the Victorian era. I love the fashion, the women's role in life. I don't love, though, the lack of technology, the health and sanitary issues that were rife in that era!
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