Sunday, 7 January 2018

January Goals!

I'm very prepared this month. I wrote down my January goals in my planner at the same time as I started writing down my 2018 goals! I'm usually scrabbling around for goals when I start writing these posts, so it's something of a novelty to be this organised. Anyway, let's do a quick recap on my December goals, and see how I got on with them, shall we? 

1. Finish Christmas shopping. I didn't have to cancel Christmas, so I think it's safe to say that I achieved this goal.

2. Don't overspend. Only went and bloody did it, didn't I? 

3. Order our wedding photos. We've had to put this on hold till the New Year, because we spent all our money this month on Christmas presents! 

4. Take a week off blogging. I ended up, inadvertently, taking two weeks off blogging. But it's okay, I had content scheduled so it didn't look like I was taking any time off at all!

5. Leave the house, at least, once every day. In the run-up to Christmas, I was super busy. Some days, I only left the house to go to the supermarket for more sellotape/forgotten presents/alcohol. But I left the house!

I'm pretty pleased with the results of my December goals. 4 out of 5 is probably the best I've accomplished in quite some time! So, now we move on to January's goals.

1. Order our wedding photos. Carrying this over from last month. This month, I want to order our wedding photos and start putting together our wedding album!

2. Attend group therapy sessions every week. No matter how scary they might be. They will help, and it's important to attend!

3. Start the Keto diet. Which effectively means cutting out carbs and sugar. A diet designed for people with PCOS, I'm hoping this and swimming will help me shift the pounds.

4. Swim once a week. As one of my 2018 goals is to lose three stone, swimming once a week is going to be instrumental in helping me lose the weight!

5. Save money for blog migration. Another of my 2018 goals is to move from Blogger to Wordpress, so I need to start saving the pennies to make it happen!

What are your goals for January? 

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