Sunday, 14 January 2018

How To Winter-Proof Your Makeup

Winter might be the merriest of the seasons due to holidays, celebrations, and the beauty of snow landscapes, but the truth is that low temperatures, cold wind, and dry air can take a toll on your skin and, consequently, ruin your makeup. Flaky skin popping beneath your foundation, chapped lips messing up your matte lipstick, and cold wind that makes you cry thus smudging off your mascara – those are only some of the problems makeup addicts face during winter. Here’s how to prevent them and make your makeup winter-proof.

First of all – hydrate

During winter, air is low in humidity, especially when it’s snowing and that’s why your skin needs extra hydration once the temperatures drop. Besides drinking a lot of water, hydrating skincare is a must. As a general rule, when layering the products on your skin, you should go from thinnest to thickest. So, tone your skin, apply hydrating serum and never skip moisturizer – you can even mix it with your foundation so it doesn’t dry out during the day. Optionally, you can add some oil to make your skin radiant but be careful – you don’t want to look greasy.

Switch from powder to cream

You can help your skin and makeup during winter by going for creamy instead of powder or foam products. This applies to everything – from cleanser to eyeshadow, so when you clean your face, opt for a creamy or milky cleanser. As for the face powder, you’ll want to go for a translucent one to set your makeup and avoid having it smudged all over your coat or scarf. Better yet, opt for a creamy formula and you won’t have to worry about it.

Go waterproof

Dry air and harsh wind can make anyone cry, so switching to waterproof mascara and eyeliner is unavoidable. There’s one downside to this – it’s harder to remove waterproof mascara but try to refrain from rubbing and using harsh makeup removers. Go gentle if you want to avoid dark circles under your eyes. Another trick revealed by makeup artists is to use eyeshadow and eyeliner on the upper lid only – that way, you’ll reduce the risk of unwanted makeup migration to the south.

Take care of your cheeks

Wind, snow, and ice cold air are not your cheek’s friends but the good news is that you can cover the redness with green-tinted moisturizer. For smaller inflamed areas, even concealer will work just fine. On the other hand, winter usually means saying goodbye to summer tan and hello to looking pale, so you’ll want to adjust your blush choices accordingly. Go for peachy tones instead of pink to add some warmness to your cheeks and cover that blue-red colour we all get from being exposed to cold wind.

Perfect your pout

Chapped, dry lips are never a good sight, especially not when you try to cover it up with lipstick. As a matter of fact, you should refrain from matte or long-lasting formulas during winter months since they can dry out your lips even more. That’s why tinted lip balms are the best option if you’re not a big fan of nude looking lips. Don’t forget about SPF either – the sun is still there, even though it’s cold outside, and your lips need protection. The same goes for your skin, so go for SPF 15 or a bit higher to make sure you’re well protected.

Winter is the perfect time to wear bold makeup and it’s a shame not to do it just because the temperatures are low or the wind is blowing. As you can see, a few twitches in your beauty routine can easily winter-proof your makeup, so you’ll be ready to shine regardless of the weather conditions.

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