Sunday, 17 December 2017

Haul Post!

I think I've worked out that if I continue to post one haul post weekly, I should have cleared my backlog of photos by the second week of 2018. Which means I can start 2018 as I mean to go on; with less haul posts, as a result of spending less. That's one of my goals for 2018, a full post to come on that, so wish me luck! But for now, enjoy looking back on what I've bought over the last few months!

You guys should know by now that I can't resist anything unicorn, right? I found this super cute hand sanitizer in Accessorize and let me tell you, it smells amazing! Just like vanilla ice-cream.

Hotel Chocolat are going to be the death of me. Or the reason I'm getting fat. But I just love their chocolate! My favourite is the Fudge Sundae. My hubby likes their Mississippi Mud Pie, and their coffee flavoured chocs!

I'd been looking out for this umbrella in Primark for ages, after seeing it on Facebook. Being tagged it on Facebook, I should say. My friends know that my obsession with unicorns is real, guys. Finally found it, didn't I? This umbrella lives in my car now, for emergency dashes through the rain!

This unicorn tealight holder, though! How cute? I've popped it on my bookshelf, and it makes me smile every time I see it. I seem to be forever losing charging cables, so I pick up a few when I'm in Primark. They're dirt cheap, and fit both my iPhone and hubby's Android.

I must have about three or four of these tops now. They're perfect for slobbing around the house in, and I grabbed them in the Primark sales for something ridiculous like £3! 

You can't beat a little Lush haul! When I heard that Lush were discontinuing The Comforter shower cream, I decided to grab a big bottle before the stores sold out. I also spotted their Rose Jam Body Spray and knew I had to have it. I'm a huge of the Lush Rose Jam fragrance. Now I can smell it whenever I want to!

And what is a Lush haul without a few bath bombs? I love the Rocket Ship bath bomb, it reminds me of Frozen and Intergalactic!

Just a little Amazon haul. Final Girls has been on my Wishlist for some time, and when I saw it was reduced in price I grabbed it. I was originally shopping for replacement blades for my Quattro razor, but it worked out cheaper to buy a brand new razor. So I did.

I don't tend to order much from Avon anymore. Maybe the novelty has worn off? I picked up the Avon Naturals Daily Hair Refresher in my latest Avon haul, because it smells AMAZING. It's like deodorant for your hair, and who doesn't love nice smelling hair?

Asda have the best unicorn range, bitches. I've picked up unicorn bedding, unicorn glasses, and now a unicorn throw; all from Asda.

Picked up a few books in Asda too. I rarely books from big booksellers anymore, as they're so much cheaper in my local supermarkets!

Claire's had an offer on on their bows. So I went a bit mad! I've recently got into bows again, a trend I was keen on last in my teens. 

I love visiting John Lewis, they always stock such great stationery that I can't find anywhere else. I just wish my local John Lewis store would hurry up and open already, they've been working on it for years!

No stationery haul would be complete without a trip to Paperchase, right? They have been releasing some banging unicorn themed products this year, and I had to pick up their rainbow pencil case and unicorn stickers!

Oh, and a few more stationery bits! Seems I went a bit mad in Paperchase this time around. What a surprise. These colouring pencils are to keep by my bed, as I have a colouring in book there ready for those sleepless nights!

On a, somewhat recent, trip to Bristol, I had to pay a visit to the huge Primark store, of course! Picked up some new pj's, as I always do. And a few other bits...

Everything else I picked up in Primark Bristol was Harry Potter related. Surprise surprise. But my local store didn't have much, at all. I'm still disappointed that they don't stock anything Hufflepuff related!

I love this mug. Not just because it's Harry Potter themed, but because it's just so different. I don't have a mug with feet on it!

This purchase turned out to be a bit of a dud, as it didn't work! And I didn't have the receipt for it, so I didn't ever bother to take it back. Luckily, it didn't cost a lot.

Forever buying unicorn hanging signs from Primark. This one has pride of place on my bookshelf right now, and I love it!

In addition to this cushion, I also have the Platform 9 3/4's cushion from Primark's Harry Potter collection. They're great cushions, too; so plump and comfy!

And Harry Potter pyjamas, of course. I actually LOVE these pyjamas. I think they're my favourite pair, I wear them all the damn time.

What is one thing you've bought recently, and loved?

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