Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Counting Down To Christmas* || With Wilko

When I was growing up, advent calendars came either in the form of chocolate or a candle. Who else had an advent candle? I had one every year growing up, and I loved lighting it and watching it burn down with my grandma. Chocolate advent calendars were where it was at though, they were the BOMB. Never was chocolate for breakfast acceptable except for at Christmas, when you were allowed to open a door of your advent calendar every morning before school! 

Now, I don't care to elaborate on how many years later, chocolate advent calendars aren't actually considered the BOMB anymore. The market for advent calendars has expanded and changed dramatically; and now pretty much anything you can think, you can buy in an advent calendar. Gin Advent Calendar? Been done. Cereal Advent Calendar? So last year. Beauty Advent Calendars? All. The. Rage. But I think we're forgetting who Christmas is really for. It's for the kids, guys. No matter how much you might want that Whiskey Advent Calendar, your children's school will not thank you for sending your child into school tipsy after a shot of whiskey from their advent calendar...

So, are the best advent calendars for kids still chocolate advent calendars? Yes, and no. Of course, NO kid is going to say no to a chocolate advent calendar. And if they do, you might want to have them tested. Because like I've already mentioned, chocolate advent calendars are the BOMB. I still have at least one, sometimes two if I can't decide between them, every Christmas and I look forward to opening each door of my advent calendar and eating that tiny square of chocolate every morning with the same joy and excitement I felt as a child. But for your kids? They can do better than chocolate advent calendars. 

This year, Wilko released a Blox Advent Calendar and it is everything your kids ever wanted. Even if they didn't know they wanted it, I assure you, they did. Because it's awesome. And that's coming from me, an adult (or so I'm told)! For the low, low price of £6.00, which really isn't all that more expensive than a chocolate advent calendar if you think about it, your kids (or you; not judging) get to open a new door every day to unlock new Blox bricks. Over the 24 days of Advent, your children can create their very own Blox Christmas scene, and build their own festive models. The Blox Advent Calendar includes; elves, a train, a snowman, a reindeer and sleigh, Father Christmas and lots more. Everything you need to build the perfect festive scene, then! And as you can see, in the above picture, the calendar even includes a Santa's workshop play scene so when you're doing building the fun can begin!

The reviews of this Blox Advent Calendar are great, so I'm just lending my voice to many to say; before you pick up that Wine Advent Calendar for your kid, consider a Blox Advent Calendar instead! In all seriousness, though, for £6.00 you get a lot more value for money than you get from a £3/£4 Chocolate Advent Calendar. And if you really love your kid? Buy them a Chocolate Advent Calendar, too! You can never have too many Advent Calendars, guys. 

You can buy the Wilko Blox Advent Calendar from all Wilko stores, or online

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