Monday, 9 October 2017

Vaping Etiquette 101*

*This is a collaborative post*

Newbies to the exciting world of vaping may have questions about how and when they can vape in public, around friends and family, and even around other vapers. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been vaping for a while, and someone made a snide comment about your “vape manners” that has you questioning everything you thought you knew about vaping around others. Either way, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re well versed in vaping etiquette.

Etiquette is mostly common sense. A lot of the problem with bad mannered vapers boils down to not having good spatial awareness. You must be willing to pay attention in public and be mindful of where you are and of the people around you. It is even a good idea to keep track of where your vapor goes when you exhale so you aren’t blowing straight into someone’s face. Among these, there are finer points that should be absorbed and retained so you can have a solid foundation of vaping manners.

Mind No-Smoking Signs

Your days of lighting up a ciggy may be long gone, but you may still need to follow the old school guidelines of the smoker’s club. What it basically comes down to is this: areas with “no smoking” signs should be assumed to apply to vaping as well. While the
Health Act 2006 bans smoking in any public enclosed or partially enclosed space, this legislation does not officially apply to vaping. Having said that, it’s good manners to avoid vaping in areas where you wouldn’t feel comfortable lighting up a cig, such as a restaurant or a shop.

People don’t typically like the feel of vapor engulfing them in an enclosed space – it’s too reminiscent of those childhood visits to your chain-smoking auntie’s when the air hung thick with blue-gray smoke, and you had to carefully navigate around overflowing ash trays. Just don’t. We know that vapor and smoke are totally different substances, but non-vapers often don’t realize this and, frankly, they don’t care. So, turn off your mod and stow it safely in your pocket (or holster, if you’re that cool) whenever you’re in an enclosed area or around a posted “no-smoking” sign.

Don’t Vape Around Children

Parents who don’t smoke really get their hackles up when people smoke around their children and, unfortunately, the same attitude is often extended to people vaping around kids. There is no point in attempting to hold a debate with a kid’s parents over whether vapor is harmful, plus some parents simply do not want their children “exposed” to vaping. Unless you wish to incur the wrath of an angry mum, it’s best to avoid vaping anywhere children might be present, including parks and school grounds.

It is also good etiquette to avoid vaping around pregnant women. While this may seem like common sense, it often boils down to making sure you’re aware of who is nearby when you vape. Try to excuse yourself to dash outside for a few calming hits, or at the very least dial down your mod and try to exhale a good distance away from a pregnant bystander, friend, or partner. This is going to save you from receiving countless scathing looks from passers-by, plus it’s just the right thing to do.

Don’t Be a Vapist

Have you ever been dubbed a “vapist” by other E-cig users? Sorry bro, but the terms “vapist” and “vaper” are not interchangeable. In fact, vapists, by loose definition, are those stereotypical rude high-voltage mod users who unabashedly blow thick, billowing clouds straight into your face as if you have a keen interest in their nasty-flavoured E-liquid. Vape around others as you would have them vape around you.

If you’re vaping around others who are also vaping, but you aren’t acquaintances, then it’s a good idea to dial down the settings on your
variable voltage vape mod, if you have one. This is just a polite way to respect others’ personal space so that everyone can have a nice, satisfying drag without an imposing overlap from other vapers. On the other hand, if you’re vaping with friends and you’re in an open area or private residence, by all means, have fun chasing clouds!

Ask Permission

If you enter a place where you are unsure about the vaping policy, such as an unfamiliar pub or a taxi, ask the proprietor if it’s all right to vape inside the establishment. Owners / managers appreciate this courtesy. It is also worth asking a new employer about the company’s policy regarding vaping on the premises. This is a good rule to remember when going to a mate’s place for the first time, too, even if he / she is a fellow vaper. After all, not every E-cig user likes their house to smell of e juice.

If the answer is no, then forget about
sneaking a cheeky drag! Whether you are in a movie theatre or on a bus, the owner has a right to decide what kind of atmosphere the establishment provides, and if you disrespect their rules, then you contribute to giving fellow vapers a bad reputation. If the venue has a designated smoking area, then it’s safe to assume this would be the only acceptable place for you to vape unless stated otherwise.

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King of the Castle?

Although you may set the rules in your own home, there may come a time when you could exercise a bit of tact. For instance, if you have guests calling soon and you have spent the last half-hour on the settee chasing clouds, it would be a good idea to open a few windows and attempt to clear the air before company arrives. This is an especially good idea if you have been vaping robust ejuice flavours that leave a significant trace in the air.

If you personally hold a “no vaping inside” policy at home, give your visitors a bit of notice to save them any embarrassment. Try greeting them outside and take a few drags from your own vape while casually mentioning you don’t vape indoors. Your mates will most likely follow your lead and vape before entering your house.

Etiquette is simply behaving in a way that is acceptable and agreeable to the people around you. Try to keep your vaping discreet while in public, be aware of those around you, ask permission before you vape, and use common sense when deciding if the time and place are appropriate for using your E-cig.

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