Sunday, 15 October 2017

Hot & Cold* || With Vremi

Cups of tea are a pretty big deal in my house. I can't start my day without a massive, steaming mug of tea. And I can't go to bed without a milky cup of tea to wind down. Tea basically rules my day, and I don't even care. I just love tea. So when the lovely team at Vremi sent me their Whistling Kettle* I was, if possible, even more excited for cups of tea than usual.

I've wanted a Whistling Kettle for SO LONG. I love traditional kettles, and every single time I see them on TV I vow to buy one. And then forget. I couldn't tell you what it is exactly about the traditional, whistling kettles that appeals to me. I just think they make a real occasion out of making a cup of tea. And if you really love tea, like I do, then you'll take any excuse to make an occasion out of tea time!

The Vremi Whistling Kettle is perfection. A gorgeous red colour, with a stainless steel lid and spout. The handle is solid plastic, with a trigger for opening the spout's lid to allow you to pour out the boiling water. It's really easy to use - simply fill with water, place on a lit burner on your gas or electric hob, and wait for the whistle! Remove and pour - and enjoy your perfect cup of tea. Simples.

Vremi also kindly sent me their Silicone Ice Cube Trays*. Now, I just LOVE these trays because they come with a lid. A LID! If you're anything like me, the journey from tap to freezer will be one fraught with peril. Every step means another spill, and by the time you make it to the freezer you've lost half the water. Sound familiar? Then you'll understand exactly why I need ice cube trays with lids on. It also means I never have to worry about what might end up on top of the ice cube tray, because the ice cubes are protected from other freezer items by the lid. Genius!

The Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Trays are genius in one other way too; because they are POPPIN'. Ahem. Sorry. What I mean is that, being made out of silicone, removing an ice cube from the tray is as easy as just popping one out from each individual slot. Say goodbye to ending up with more ice cubes than you wanted, or trying to claw the cubes out from the tray. Vremi just made it super easy to add a few ice cubes to your drink, straight from the freezer. 

Vremi are giving away their Silicone Ice Cube Trays and a Whistling Kettle to one lucky reader! All the details on how to enter are below, and this giveaway is running until 30th October. Good luck!

Win a Vremi Kettle and Ice Trays #10

*Products sent to me in exchange for a review, all words and opinions are my own.

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