Sunday, 1 October 2017

Meet my October Advertisers!

Another month, over so soon? We're racing towards the end of 2017, and the start of 2018, and I am so not ready. People, stores and restaurants are starting to shove Christmas in my face, and I am definitely not okay with that. I refuse to even consider Christmas until Halloween has passed. And it's finally almost time for all the spooky! So now the time has come to introduce to you the lovely faces featuring in my sidebar this month! Hopefully you'll find some new, fab, bloggers to follow!

Angelwings and Petticoats is a lifestyle blog, covering books and mental health. Alex started Angelwings and Petticoats with the intention of breaking down the stigma around mental illness; schizophrenia, in particular. Alex does a fantastic job of balancing fun, light-hearted posts with the more serious, important posts; as she doesn't just write exclusively about mental health. Alex has been taking some time off from blogging recently, for personal reasons, but there's still plenty of content from the archive to catch up on! I recommend this post where Alex talks about why she doesn't think she can trust her doctor.

Scottish Craft Focus is a craft blog run by my lovely friend, and fellow lifestyle blogger, Sarah! Sarah has been in love with crafting since forever, and when she started blogging about crafts on her own blog she was overwhelmed by the response. And so Scottish Craft Focus was born. A blog dedicated to supporting Scottish crafters and showcasing their work, Sarah publishes new posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are gift guides, interviews, reviews and tutorials on Scottish Craft Focus for all to enjoy.

Kirstiekins Blogs is a literary, lifestyle and travel blog created by Kirstie in 2013. Kirstie has a BA in History and Creative Writing, and an MA in creative writing. Writing is her passion, but she also loves cheese, books, cats and and history. And not necessarily in that order! If you enjoy reading book reviews, travel tips and existential ramblings then Kirstie's blog is the place to be! Kirstie is doing Booktober, and I'm sure she'd appreciate your support. So check out Booktober Day 1 on her blog now!

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October Advertisers

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