Friday, 15 September 2017

Book Review: All The Rage by Courtney Summers

"The footsteps stop but the birds are still singing, singing about a girl who wakes up on a dirt road and doesn't know what happened to her the night before..."

Romy Grey wears her lipstick like armour, ever since the night she was raped by Kellan Turner, the sheriff's son. Romy refuses to be a victim, but speaking up has cost her everything. No one wants to believe Kellan is not the golden boy they thought he was, and Romy has given up trying to make herself heard. But when another girl goes missing after a party, Romy must decide whether the cost of her silence might be more than she can bear.

I firmly believe that All The Rage should be required reading at GCSE level. All schoolkids need to read this book. It highlights, very well, what constitutes rape; that if someone is too drunk to consent, it's rape. It also makes an important point about the price of silence, as well as the consequences that can come about from telling the truth. No girl should ever be made to feel like she isn't believed after a rape or sexual assault, but the sad truth is, some are. 

All The Rage makes for very uncomfortable reading. It's not a book you can really say you enjoyed because, who really enjoys reading about rape? But it's a necessary read, for everyone. It was also gripping, chilling, and a real page-turner (even if I do hate that word!) This book left me with goose bumps, and is still haunting me, months after putting it down. Courtney handles the delicate subject of rape exceptionally well; she doesn't shy away from all the gory details, but she's gentle and careful with how she portrays what happens to Romy. 

All-in-all, this is an unforgettable, if uncomfortable, read that has firmly cemented itself as one of my favourite books of all time. Everybody needs to read this, so if you haven't already, go out and grab a copy right now!

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