Sunday, 27 August 2017

Summer Sales Haul!

I've had this post sitting in my drafts for some time now, and decided it was probably about time I posted it. Before Summer turns into Autumn... Although I think it may already have done that, judging by the windy, rainy days we've had recently! Anyway, here's what I picked up in the Summer sales. 

I didn't think Lush did sales...but I was charged £5 less for Dad's Garden Lemon Tree Body Spray, so maybe they do? I picked up the It's Raining Men shower gel whilst I was in Lush for my mum, as part of her birthday present.

Accessorize had a sale on, which is fatal for me. I picked up some of the cutest tissues and mini wipes, which also smell amazing, and the super cute kitty pom-pom keyring. I popped next door to Clinton's and picked up Toulouse and Berlioz to add to my Tsum Tsum collection (I already have Marie). At the checkout I spied the super cute thundercloud keyring and unicorn chocolate; so I grabbed those too. I'm a sucker for an impulse buy!

I'd had my eye on The Can't Sleep Colouring Journal for a while, but couldn't justify the price for it. So when I saw it in the sales, for half-price, I snatched it up. I couldn't resist this Unicorn Queen drinks bottle from New Look, either!

And then I bought a load of new mugs, and my fiancĂ© went mad! The first two are from New Look, the final one from Clinton's. I'm actually really disappointed with the last one; even though I hand-washed it as instructed, the design rubbed off within weeks! 

This unicorn tote bag is my favourite shopping bag, now. It cost me £2/£3, but it was so worth it. From New Look, who are killing it with their unicorn range right now!

I went a bit mad in the John Lewis sales. I picked up; a Pusheen pen, Gemma Correll stickers, Pusheen tissues, tumbler with straw, stickies, sticky note pad, unicorn pen (actually from Paperchase) and Deal With This sticky note pad. So many stationery goodies!

And then I also picked up the 2017 Agenda, which is no good to me as I have a 2018 one. So why did I pick it up? Because I'm going to use it in blog photos - it'll make for a great background/prop. And this Gemma Correll notebook. Well, that's basically me on the cover, so I had to have it!

This Kikki.K Paper Book is full of stickers and other crafty goodies to DIY. It's stunning, too, in rose-gold. I know I'm going to get endless use out of this, and it was half-price in the sale!

I think this was Kikki.K stationery, too. A bundle of stickers and other crafty stuff to decorate my planner with! 

These cute cards were also in the sale, and I knew I could use these in writing to my pen pals! I've already sent one out to someone who needed something to put a smile on her face :) 

I definitely hit the sales at the right time. There was loads of great stuff left when I got to the sales. That's how I came by these to-do pads! I'm a sucker for a good list.

Kikki.K indecision pencils! I wasn't going to buy these, because I don't know how much use I'll get out of them, but I was having a splurge and they were in the sale. So they ended up in my basket!

This Busy B List Pad is pretty and functional, so I couldn't pass it up! I cleaned up pretty well in the stationery sales department, didn't I!?

Do you like lists?

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