Monday, 21 August 2017

Hairystyles for Hot Summer Days || Guest Post

Summer and hairstyling simply don’t mix. No matter how fabulous a ‘do you need, the blazing weather just won’t let you enjoy the luscious locks or straight flowy hair. Therefore, when summer hits the town, it’s time for quick and easy hairstyles that’ll make you beautiful and stylish, without the use of styling tools. Keep the hair healthy, glowing and gorgeous, with numerous cute summer ‘dos.
Top knots

Buns have managed to overshadow the ponytail quite easily, and have quickly become our favourite hairstyle. Not only are they easy to make, but can be appropriate for every occasion as well. Whether you’re heading off to the beach, attending a wedding or just going out, a top knot will be a fabulous choice. If you wish to crank it up a notch, add a thick braid to it. Instead of just twisting it in a bun, braid the ponytail first and pancake the braid to give it more texture, before you finally wrap the braid around the ponytail and pin it in place for a gorgeous bun.


Braids never go out of style, so whether you go for a fishtail, a French braid or two boxer braids, you’ll look stylish and won’t even notice the heat. Classic three-strand braid upgrades the look easily, giving you a sleek and classy ‘do to match your flawless outfit. Braids are easily transformed, so if you’d like to touch it up a bit, twist the braid into a low bun and get a whole new ‘do, in less than five minutes.


High, slicked-back ponytail is a trademark of all the fierce ladies that are not afraid to show off that gorgeous face and all of its lines. With the help of professional Schwarzkopf hair styling products, you’ll get a flawless ponytail in no time. Forget about the damaging flat irons, and just use a smoothing cream to achieve that gorgeous slick ponytail, and avoid the frizzy and unmanageable hair. If you’re more of a wavy flowing pony kind of girl, go for Rihanna’s half-pony ‘do and tie up the top half and tug it at the crown so it will look more voluminous.

French twists

If you’re attending a summer wedding, the best elegant hairstyle to make the hot day more bearable is the French twist. Forget about spending hours under the heating waves of a blow dryer or burning the hair with a curling iron, and go for an easy yet fabulous ‘do. For a slightly messy yet perfectly elegant twist, make it tight in the back and leave just a tiny amount of freedom on top with a few loose strands.

Bold cuts

Sometimes you just can’t deal with the twisting, braiding, and pinning, and that is the time for radical changes. The cutting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair, and feel free to pick some of the bold cuts that will make the summer easier on you, and offer you a fabulous look as well. Think short bobs and expose that beautiful face, shoulders and neck. Bring the attention to your stunning assets and go for the razor-textured bobs, or even a sci-fi bob. To add more texture to it, wash it with Schwarzkopf’s extra volume shampoo to bring out the natural waves, and let it air-dry.

Final thoughts

Getting the perfect hairstyle for hot summer days can be a real nightmare. However, with the previously mentioned ideas, you won’t have any trouble fashioning a gorgeous ‘do to make you look stylish all day long. Whether you go for a sassy top knot, slick ponytail, classic braid, elegant French twist or a bold cut, you’ll look fabulous and enjoy the summer without your hair making you even warmer.

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