Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Let's Talk Weddings: Two Month Mark

I can't believe I'm saying this but...there's only TWO months to go until the big day! I mean, seriously; where is the time going?! I'm pleased to report, though, that we are finally getting our shit together and we've accomplished quite a lot over the last few weeks. So here's how we're doing on the wedding planning front.

I've booked my makeup artist and hair stylist. Whilst I'm still waiting on a makeup trial date, a few weekends ago I had my hair trial. I was so pleased, as the hair stylist gave me exactly what I'd imagined in my head, but couldn't really explain! I looked, and felt, like a million dollars. 

We've, finally, sent out our invitations! Lots of people had begun to think they weren't invited because we've been so crap with sorting out our wedding invites. But that was not the case - we were just really, really disorganised! We designed our invitations on Vistaprint, and we're so pleased with how they turned out. Although, guess which idiots didn't put a date on the evening invitations? Yep, that'd be us! I'll be revealing the invites in my final Let's Talk Weddings blog post; shortly after the wedding! 

Last time I wrote a wedding update post, I'd sorted out my dress. That was a huge relief, to be honest! I'm still working on completing my look for the day. I've got the shoes, and I've got a little clutch bag. But I still need lingerie! 

A few weeks ago, the bridesmaid's dresses I ordered from Asos arrived! They all fit perfectly, and look lovely, so we're all set on the bridesmaid front now, too! I also met with my bridesmaid and her little girls, my flower girls, recently. I ordered their dresses from Marks and Spencer, so we went for a fitting, and they looked lovely. So cute! So it looks like we're, very nearly, all set when it comes to the bridal parties outfits! 

Hen do's are confirmed. I'm having two; the first, a day out in Bristol with just my bridesmaids. The second, afternoon tea with my female family members. and bridesmaids. I'm so excited!

I think that's about it for now. We still have so much to sort; flowers, cake, final meeting with our photographer, lingerie. The groom, best man, father of the groom, and grandfather of the bride still need to go for a suit fitting. And we still need to think about, and buy, wedding presents and wedding favours! That's a lot to do in only two months, but I know we can get it done. The hardest part, in my opinion, is over; finding THE dress! 

Have you got any wedding planning tips to share? 

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