Monday, 24 July 2017

La Vie En Bleu

Last year, my fiancĂ© and I attended La Vie En Bleu at Prescott for the first time. We went with a colleague, and his wife, and enjoyed it so much we wound up going again this year! I took a lot of photos and videos of the day, so I decided to write up a little blog post all about the yearly event. This will be a photo (and video) heavy post; so settle in and enjoy!

La Vie En Bleu, incorporating La Vita Rossa, is a celebration of all things French and Italian. From cars to themed music, and entertainers to car clubs; there's plenty to see and do. This year, the Bugatti Chiron made its first ever appearance at Prescott, and the 1911 Fiat S76 land speed record contender 'Beast of Turin' made a reappearance! 

The event spans two days over the last weekend in May, usually, and sees a variety of cars take on the Prescott Hill Climb. As well as entertainment on the track (there's usually at least one minor crash every year!) there's stalls to browse, and burger bars and ice-cream vans galore. Oh, and the cleanest, poshest toilets you will ever see at an event like this! It's the little things, guys.

There are plenty of places to spread out a picnic blanket, soak up the sun and watch the going's on. You can take your own food or, as mentioned above, there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat! There are some cute stalls with quirky and original products, and plenty of car parts/memorabilia stalls, if that's more your thing! There's various entertainment going on over the course of each day, too, like singers, dancers and other acts!

The highlight this year? It's a close call between getting up close and personal with the gorgeous Bugatti's (car goals, anyone?!) and witnessing a Porsche, I think, appearing to not even try to steer around the corner on the hill climb and crashing straight into the barrier. No one was hurt, and the car wasn't badly damaged, don't worry! I think his steering locked up, but from the crowd it just looked like he hadn't even bothered to steer!

I'm hoping we get the opportunity to go again next year, as it's a date in the diary I always look forward to! Prescott is only half-an-hour, or less, from where I live, so it's not exactly far to go. And the tickets cost just £20 per day, which I think is pretty reasonable for such a great day out! And no, this post is in no way sponsored. I just thought some of my readers might be interested, although I know cars aren't to everyone's taste. But you can't please everyone!

Do you like car shows/events?

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