Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Haul Post!

I know I post a lot of these haul posts. That's because I shop, a lot. I'm aware that I am very lucky to be able to afford to shop as much as I do, and I know that many people are not in the same situation. I don't take it for granted. In writing up these haul posts, I'm not trying to show off, and I hope it never comes across as that! Right, now let's move on to some of my recent purchases!

Did I say recent? Haha! These photos appear to date back to around April/May time. The chocolates above I actually picked up on sale just after Easter. The Kinder mini eggs? Divine! I can't seem to resist a bargain book from the supermarkets whenever I'm grocery shopping, either!

I don't remember....but these were probably supermarket buys as well! I tend to buy most of my books from supermarkets now, as they are just so much cheaper. Or Amazon.

The unicorn sign? I picked that up for £2 in Primark! Whilst accidentally picking up two of the purple, flowery vest tops...oops? The mug, and cat food bowls, were a T.K.Maxx find!

One bank holiday weekend earlier this year, Chris and I discovered a Lindt store! Of course, we went a bit mad in their Pick & Mix section but really, who could blame us?!

And because we spent *ahem* rather a lot of money on the Pick & Mix chocolates, Lindt threw in a free, mini box of chocolates!

I've heard a few people now raving about The Body Shop's hand cleanse gel. So when I was passing, I popped in and grabbed one. They had so many delicious scents that it was hard to choose just one!

When I heard that Garnier had released a Rose Water range, I knew I had to have it. I LOVE the smell, and it's so soothing on your skin. I also grabbed an Anti Spot Stick from Superdrug, as my skin has been like a teenagers recently!

I reviewed this book on the blog not too long ago. It was good, and I'd definitely recommend it. Especially if you enjoyed The Girl On The Train. The Rolo's were for my giveaway!

This heart necklace was a lot bigger than it looked in the Avon catalogue! Never mind, I still quite like it. I also picked up this little Bluetooth speaker from Avon; it streams your music, allows you to take hands-free photos, and you can receive calls through it! Unfortunately, the battery only lasts an hour, tops, and I got bored of charging it rather quickly!

More Rose Water products? Yep, I'm addicted. I love the Avon Simply Delicate range too, such great products!

Ok guys, this might be my favourite handbag, EVER. It's a Fiorelli, and I got it for a steal in their outlet store in Swindon Village. I love the unusual design of the bag, and the pattern is beautiful. Plus, it's the perfect size!

I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to Primark! Especially their pj's. The Aristocats is one of my all-time favourite Disney movies, so of course I had to have these Marie pyjamas!

More Primark finds. I can't resist a good/funny cat tee-shirt though. And I LOVE Pusheen! Cute, right? 

Pastel highlighters, guys! They exist, and they are just as amazing as you think they are. As soon as I found out such a product existed, I was straight on Amazon buying that shit up. My planner now looks perfect in pastel colours!

This is a book I picked up on a whim in a supermarket, not really know what it was about. I didn't have high hopes for it, then, but it's since gone on to be one of my favourite reads this year. Fantastic.

Caticorn bedding! How on earth could I resist this set, guys? I love cats and unicorns; so when Primark combined my two favourite things? You better believe I jumped on it!

More unicorn stuff! But look at these My Little Pony pj's! So cute. Plus, they're super comfy, which is always a bonus in my eyes!

Oh look, even more Primark clothes! I almost exclusively shop there for clothes nowadays, to be honest. That pink cardigan? When I got home, I realised I already had one! Oops? 

Paperchase have some amazing unicorn products. But I limited myself to this unicorn notebook and fluffy, unicorn pen because, well, I already have far too many stationery products!

Okay, so I did buy these in WHSmith. Only because, they were on offer though. The Girlfriend was really, really good. The Beautiful Dead? Not so good, but still an enjoyable read. I've reviewed both on the blog recently, too!

And that about wraps it up for this haul post. I still have a lot of photos, so there's a fair few more haul posts to come, as I don't like to overload you all with photos! Hope you enjoyed this one, and keep your eyes peeled for the next :)

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