Sunday, 9 July 2017

Haul Post (Part Two)

I know that in my last haul post I said that there would be a second part. Which is what I'm bringing to the table today. But there's likely going to be a third, fourth, and fifth part, because I still have so much new stuff to share with you. I shouldn't have to disclaim this, but I will; I don't write these posts to brag about the stuff I buy. I write these posts because I love looking back on some of my recent purchases, and because I know that lots of you enjoy reading them. I know that I am lucky to be able to afford to indulge in my favourite activity, shopping, often. So just know that my intentions are good in writing these posts. And keep an eye out for a few more haul posts coming up over the next month, or two.

Lush have shaken up my daily skincare routine with these products. Actually, they've given me a daily skincare routine, because before this I didn't have one! Let me tell you though, the Flopsy Face Wash Jelly is really hard to use. But that rosewater toner water? To die for! So cooling, refreshing, plus it smells gorgeous.

Yes, I still buy Cosmo and Glamour; despite all the shit the former seems to give us bloggers. As evidenced by one of the headlines on the front of this issue of Cosmo! I find them an easy read though, and are great if I'm not in the mood for a book. 

I understand the obsession with Kikki.K stationery now! I'm a convert. Although, I still can't justify spending over £50 on a planner! I picked up this Happy Healthy Habits kit in John Lewis, and I'm so excited to start using it!

Yay - Chip Tsum Tsum! And a black cat keyring because, well, I am a crazy cat lady. And I have a handsome, black cat myself!

Most random purchase of this post, maybe? I used to have these Filofax stickers in my old organiser, but they've gone missing, so I picked up a new sheet for my new organiser!

Nothing says adulting quite like mouthwash and shampoo! I bought the Tic Tacs because my fiancé loves them!

O.M.G. Krispy Kreme, where have you been all my life?! I, selflessly, bought my fiancé a chocolate doughnut and then, selfishly, myself two of the Nutella doughnuts. Amazing!

Those fluffy cotton balls? So annoying! After using them, you end up with lots of little bits of fluff all over your face. I binned them, not long after buying them. The pads are much better! I don't usually buy Catworld (because it's like £5 and I object to paying that for a magazine) but I decided to pick it up on a whim this month. Also, Migraleve? Doesn't do shit for my migraines -.-

I picked this Ed Sheeran biography up whilst I was in the queue for the tills at HMV, where I'd picked up Taylor Swift's 1989 album (above). I know my fiancé will read it, as he loves Ed Sheeran.

Went shopping with the future mother-in-law and couldn't resist a BOGOHP deal on books in WHSmith, a new cat bowl for Harley, and some new shoes. I live in these flats!

I've been trying to get my hands on these after seeing other bloggers post about them on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. I finally did, at Easter, and I only let my fiancé have a few. Mwahaha.

Rose gold pencils anyone?! I might never use them but they are so pretty; and great for blog props. My last unicorn keyring broke when I got it stuck in the door, so I picked up a new one. And the little tins? 25p in the Paperchase sale, and I use them to store my tablets in!

The file I've been using to store all my paperwork in broke recently, so I replaced it with this expanding folder from Tesco. 

I dyed my hair purple - and it looks amazing! I'm definitely going to be re-dying my hair purple nearer to our wedding date.

More skincare! The Tea Tree Water is SO GOOD for people with acne. And the 9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion is so much easier to use than the Flopsy Face Wash Jelly; and does the same job!

How cute, though? The Aristocats is my favourite Disney film; and Marie, my favourite character from the film. So I had to pick up these slippers when I spotted them in Primark!

This is the cat magazine I usually buy monthly. It's £3.80, I think, so I don't know why I get so uptight about spending £5 on a different cat magazine. I prefer this one though; it's much more interesting. I always pass the mags on to my future MIL after reading, as she's a cat person too!

Mermaid throws are so hard to photograph, you have no idea! I've wanted a mermaid throw for so long, but all the ones I found were ridiculously expensive. Then I spotted this one in Primark for £11, I think, and grabbed it!

Another new organiser? Yes, another new organiser! And cute postcards because I really love my cat. I don't know why I keep buying these false nails. I can only stand them for 5 days or so before they start to really, really annoy me. 

Anyone else totally addicted to planners? That planner life, tho...

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