Monday, 17 July 2017 Haul Post!

I have been waiting, it feels like, FOREVER for the 2018 agendas to land in UK stockists. I spent every day obsessively refreshing the different pages of Rooi, Asos and John Lewis for weeks. I was growing so frustrated by this point, as the agendas had been out in the US for a month or more, that I kept trying to convince myself I could totally justify spending more on postage + customs fees to have the agenda shipped from the US. I'm not very convincing though, clearly, and so I kept waiting. In the end, it was John Lewis who had the new range of agendas first. Whilst everywhere was offering pre-orders, John Lewis had them in stock and ready to buy. Plus, next day delivery. Winner! 

Last year, I chose the coveted "I Am Very Busy" agenda. This year, I decided to opt for something different. And it was really hard to choose. There were, at least, three different designs I really liked. I eventually narrowed it down to the "No Bad Days" agenda though, because I really liked the message it gave. And, I thought, what better slogan to be greeted with every single day, right?! I knew I needed a wire-bound agenda - I didn't have one last year, and I massively regretted it. Whilst I was spending money at John Lewis, I decided to pick up the new sticker book too. I love decorating my agenda with some stickers! 

I then found the Agenda Starter Pack, which I had eyed up last year but never bought, and the new Sticky Note Set. The Agenda Starter Pack was quite expensive and, in my opinion, not really worth it. It includes one sheet of stickers, a pink gel pen, a clip-in to-do list, an erasable pen, silver washi tape, paper clips, and two clip-in things that I, still, have no idea what to do with! All that cost £18! I do love the to-do list though, especially as it's reusable if you remember to use the erasable pen provided! Even more annoying is that the Agenda Starter Pack is now on sale in John Lewis, only weeks after I bought it at full price. Grr! It's only £9 now, I think, and I'd definitely recommend it at that price. The Sticky Note Sets are great value, too. They last ages and are super sticky! Plus, very motivational and pretty.

I then found out that had released their third sticker book, and I knew I had to have it. I'll include a few video flip-through's of the two stickers book at the end of this post. Sticker Book Issue 3 includes zodiac stickers, which I was ridiculously excited for, and lots of great planner stickers. There only seemed to be one UK stockist for The Sticker Book, and it was quite expensive when you factored in shipping. But it was worth it. I'm now all set up for the perfect planner for a year, or more, now! 

Have you got a agenda? 

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