Sunday, 23 July 2017

10 Things That Really Annoy Me!

Before I wrote this post, I had no idea so many things annoy me! It turns out that I definitely do not have the patience of a saint, as I always thought. I've been deluding myself all along! I may have stopped at ten for this post, but honestly? I could have gone on, and on, and on. Maybe I'll make this a two-parter; or a three-parter! But, for now, here are ten things that really annoy me...

1. Slow walkers. Agh, this really pisses me off. Usually because I'm in a rush, and the person in front of me insists on moving at a glacial pace! Bitch, I haven't got the time to walk slow so move faster or get out of my way.

2. Slow drivers. Leading nicely on from the first point, slow drivers are the worst! People who insist at driving 10mph below the speed limit. Or who keep slamming on their brakes every other minute for no apparent reason. Why?! 

3. Clutter. Clutter really annoys me. However, I have a lot of stuff. Do you see my dilemma? Every few months, I'll go mad and chuck loads of stuff in the bin, or donate bags of clutter to the charity shop. I'll feel better for a little while, but then the clutter accumulates again! 

4. Drizzle. Rain's okay. I don't mind rain. But that drizzly, spitty rain? Hate it. A) what is the point? B) I swear it makes you wetter than a downpour! 

5. Social media. Hypocritical, because I use social media ALL.THE.TIME. But it does really annoy me. All the Twitter drama. Instagram refusing to give us a chronological feed. Moaners and whingers on Facebook. And the constant pinging of notifications; I feel like I never really switch off!

6. People who chew with their mouth open. My fiancé does this, sometimes, and I swear to god; I could kill him when he does! It drives me mad; it's so disgusting. I don't want to hear what you're eating!

7. Vapers. Sorry, but I think vapers annoy me more than smokers! Vapers seem to think they have some sort of god given right to vape wherever they want. And they'll blow the smoke in your face without even blinking an eye. But just because it doesn't stink like cigarette smoke, doesn't mean I want to inhale it. Keep it to yourself, please! 

8. Pushy sales people. Whether they're at the front door, on the phone or in a store; I can't stand being around pushy sales people. I said I'm just browsing, so leave me alone. I said I'm not interested, so please hang up now. I said I'm busy, so please leave my doorstep!

9. Not having a tumble dryer. Yep, first world problems. But during the winter, it really annoys me that we don't have a tumble dryer yet!

10. Sleepless nights. Is there anything worse than tossing and turning all night? Staring at the ceiling as the hours tick by? Thinking about getting up, but being too comfy to move? Calculating how many hours sleep you'll have if you go to sleep right now? And now? And now? So annoying!

What's one thing that really annoys you?

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