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DIY for your wedding! || Guest Post

When planning a wedding, the last thing we want to do is leave it all to chance. It’s our big day and we want it to be absolutely perfect. We obsess over planning every detail and we lose our minds as we try to get ready for anything and everything. Not to mention all the money we spend on it, money we could use on smarter things. So what do we do, do we just scrap the whole idea and have no wedding reception? Merely sign the papers and be done with it? There is no need for that. If you want a memorable wedding, then you should absolutely have a memorable wedding. Here we offer a few tips on how to give your special day a personal touch and save yourself some money and stress.

Your invitations can be as simple, or as colourful as you like. There are many tutorials online that help you create the perfect wedding invitations, and there is no limit other than your own creativity. Make a design you’d like to use, go to an art supply store, and make your invitations as you sip on coffee and dream about your wedding. Making invitations this way gives you complete liberty to personalize the invitations for each person if you want to make your close ones feel special. There is also something endearing about a handwritten little card that shows people how much you care. If you’re worried about your handwriting you can take an empty notebook and practice it for a while, and if you get interested you can invest in a calligraphy set.


Hiring a stylist to whip your hair into a pretty bun can be very expensive. Granted, if you want some extremely complicated bun to grace your head, then you probably should stick to a stylist, but you would be surprised at just how many things you can just do on your own. A lot of very beautiful, very elaborate styles can be done at home, if you practice enough. The best way to have beautiful hair for your wedding is as much about the quality of your hair as it is about the style itself. Before you even decide on what you want on your head, you should pay attention to the health of your hair.


This is probably one of the best things to do on your own. You know your face better than anyone, so you won’t be risking a makeup artist using the wrong products, and you know exactly which colours suit you and match your wedding dress. And it’s a pretty good excuse to treat yourself to some high-end makeup and cosmetics like Jane Iredale products, especially because you’ll be able to use them even after the wedding is done. It’s a good investment. If you want to know how to accomplish flawless DIY wedding makeup, all you need to do is look at a few tutorials, pick a look that you love, and then practice. You won’t get it right the first time, but keep doing it and you’ll gain some valuable skills in the process.

Gift bags

If you are planning to give out gift bags for your guests you can make them very cute and full of fun goodies. It’s a perfect touch to make your guests feel appreciated and happy to share the day with you. Pick some yummy candy, or even home baked cookies, small bottles of liquor, scented candles, small jars of honey, or hand creams. Really, anything goes. You can get some blank canvas bags and personalize them with colourful ribbons or even handwritten messages.

Table decorations

Name cards and table decorations are honestly so easy to pull off, and yet they give such a special touch to the whole occasion. If you are crafty, this can be a really fun thing for you to do. From DIY table numbers to bright candle holders, you can really make each table shine and impress people with your care and attention to detail.  
Weddings are supposed to be fun and beautiful, so invest some time and add a personal touch that will make your big day just the way you want it. After all, this is your time to be the star.
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