Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Meet my June advertisers!

Today I want to introduce you to the fantastic faces featuring in my sidebar this month! I have a lovely bunch of bloggers sponsoring my blog this month, and if you don't already read/follow their blogs I hope you will by the end of this post! 

Angelwings and Petticoats is a lifestyle blog, covering books and mental health. Alex started Angelwings and Petticoats with the intention of breaking down the stigma around mental illness; schizophrenia, in particular. Alex does a fantastic job of balancing fun, light-hearted posts with the more serious, important posts; as she doesn't just write exclusively about mental health. I love Alex's first "favourites" post and I hope she continues the series!

Jorlaska is a student lifestyle blog run by the lovely lady that is Taiba! Taiba is a literature student, who can usually be found with a cup of coffee and book in hand. Jorlaska has grown from it's start in 2015 to include controversy, bibliophilic and inspiring content. An example of that inspiring content is Taiba's very personal post about belonging!

Kirsty Ralph is an East Midlands based lifestyle blog! Kirsty, the lady behind the blog, is a first time mum, and has lots of parenting posts on her blog. She also blogs about music, food, books, lifestyle and so much more. I love her 10 Things About Me post - it's always nice getting to know the blogger behind the blog! 

Interested in advertising with me in May? You can find out more about the different packages I offer, and availability, on my advertising page. If you'd like to book a slot, or enquire further, email me at

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June Advertisers

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