Monday, 12 June 2017

2017 Goals Check-In!

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Now that we are halfway through the year (how has that happened?!) it's time to check-in with my 2017 goals. It's so easy to set goals at the start of the year, and then forget about them. By checking in halfway through the year, I can remind myself of my goals and focus on the ones I've not checked off yet! Let's see how I'm getting on...

Fit into a size 10/12 - I'm still a long way away from this one. It's taken me the last six months to get my butt firmly on the exercise and healthy eating train, but now I'm on it I'm hoping for good results! This one's a little unrealistic now, though, so time for a new goal. New goal: Fit into a size 14.

Save £3000 -
Hah, nowhere near this yet! I've had my car service, and then I had to get new glasses...the list goes on! I'll get there, but maybe not by the end of this year. So I'm going to change this goal to make it a little more realistic. New goal: Save £1000.

Read 55 books - I was so far ahead of this goal in May, that I edited my goal on GoodReads! New goal: Read 105 books.

Reach 60 newsletter subscribers - I'm not too far off this goal; I'm currently at 52 subscribers! That being said, I haven't sent out a newsletter since Nov/Dec so...

Makeover my blog - I gave my blog a lovely makeover on New Year's Day! So I smashed this one very early on this year. 

Meet blogging friends in person - Lol, didn't even click that I'd achieved this one until I was writing this post! My blogging friend, Steph, lives just up the road from me and I've been able to meet up with her over coffee a few times now.

Attend a blogging event - I'm not sure that this one is particularly realistic now my anxiety is at it's worst. New goal: Make plans to attend a blogging event next year.

Reach 2.5k on Twitter - I'm well on my way to this one, as I'm nearing the 2K mark!

Reach 1.5k on Instagram - Well on my way to this goal, too, as I've finally hit the 1K mark on Instagram!

Reach 250 on Facebook - This is slow going! Any advice for growing your Facebook likes? New goal: Reach 200 on Facebook.

Reach 350 on Bloglovin' - I feel like this is going to be even harder now, in the aftermath of all the Bloglovin' drama. To be honest, I don't find BL to be a big influence for me anymore, so I don't care too much if I make this goal or not.

Keep posts scheduled a week in advance - I'm doing well with this one so far! Sure, I've had some weeks where I've been bashing out a blog post on the day, but on the whole I've done well!

Work with five new to my blog companies - I've done so well with this one! I've been lucky enough to work with some great, new to my blog brands including; Tangle Angel, Pebble Grey, Oyster, Lee Stafford, Printiki, Ideal TV, Festive Lights and more! New goal: Work with twenty new to my blog companies.

How are you getting on with your goals?

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