Monday, 22 May 2017

Haul Post (Part One)!

It feels like it's been ages since my last haul post, but in actuality it's only been a month! I've decided that, for the foreseeable future, I'm going to be splitting my haul posts into, at least, two parts. That way I can spread them out over the course of a month, and I don't end up cramming way too many photos into one post. So here's part one of my latest haul post; hope you enjoy this little look at what I've been buying lately!

If you don't love unicorns, are you even a blogger?! My current obsessions are unicorns and cats; so when I saw this gorgeous unicorn mug in Asda, I just couldn't resist!

Sometimes you've just got to treat yo'self to some flowers! Tulips are definitely one of my favourite flowers!

My fiancé and I consumed waaay too many Easter Eggs in April. Anyone else?! I'm not a huge fan of Crème Eggs anymore; when they changed the recipe, they ruined the flavour in my opinion.

Your Cat is becoming one of my favourite monthly magazines, to be honest. I get my money's worth out of it too; I pass it on to my future MIL when I'm finished with it!

How have I just discovered Home Bargains? I feel like I must have been living under a rock, to be honest. I couldn't resist these cute af unicorn socks, pet blanket and some more practical purchases!

Yay, more unicorns! What? I did say I was obsessed! These cutie-patootie unicorn and cat accessories come from Accessorize. The gorgeous, marble effect stationery comes from Sainsburys (I know!) They really do have some gorgeous, and on-trend, stationery at the moment guys; well worth a look!

My fiancé doesn't really support my handbag buying addiction. But he did buy me this handbag recently; just because! Would you believe, the bag comes from Sainsburys? They really are killing it with their home-ware and fashion range at the moment.

A new bag needs a new purse, right? I picked this beauty up on Amazon for only a tenner, and I'm so impressed! It had oodles of space for cards, although it's a little lacking on space for coins. Not a big deal for me, though, as I rarely carry cash these days!

I've been buying loads more clothes than usual recently. I don't know why; I guess I've just been bitten by the fashion bug?! The vest tops and cardigans from Primark are my wardrobe staple at the moment, and I always pick some up when I'm passing. 

I'm a cat obsessed, black (and white) cat owner. How could I not pick this pyjama set up from Primark?!

Tiger, guys, Tiger! I have a new-found love for Tiger, and can't resist a mooch around my local store. I always seem to unearth some treasure or another every time I visit. Anyone else?!

The nights are getting warmer, so it's time for more shorty-short pyjamas. I already own a leggings and tee-shirt Friends PJ set, so I decided to grab the shorts and tank top set, too!

New shoes! I always used to buy my shoes from Shoezone, but Primark are cheaper. Plus, they have a bigger range. #winning

The cute little fluff-ball above? Came from Accessorize! The screen cleaning finger mitt? Tiger! USB Charging Cable (because it never hurts to have a spare)? Primark. And I always buy my pants from M&S - they are the best quality!

Hahaha...I couldn't even be bothered to face the chocolate bars all the same way for this photo. So lazy. Anyway. Sarah, from Things Sarah Loves, got me addicted to these Lion White bars, when she sent me some a few Christmases ago! I haven't seen them since, so when I did see them I grabbed a few.

I love a good bargain, me. I found this PJ top for just £3 in Primark. I can pair it with a few different bottoms, so it's a pretty good find!

Books! My book buying ban has been well and truly forgotten. But, I have been ploughing through books like there's no tomorrow so...In this haul, I also picked up some Baylis and Harding hand sanitiser, which smells amazing.

Woo, adult purchases! The mirror in our family bathroom is far too high for me to see anything but my forehead in (#shortproblems). I've been after a small portable mirror for ages, and finally found this one in B&M!

And a soap dish...haha. So excite! I'm finally replacing some of the old, worn-out pieces we bought for the house nearly four years ago now.

Transparent sticky notes?! I didn't know such a thing existed. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and are so useful.

More books! I always pick up the new Quick Reads, every year, and these three look especially good.

With all the back catalogues of Blogosphere magazine I've got kicking about, I really needed a pretty storage solution. I managed to get these two magazine holders on a buy-one-get-one-free deal, so that was pretty awesome!

Spotted this colouring in, dot-to-dot, activity book in Asda and couldn't resist. The money goes to a good cause, and I'm sure I'll get endless hours of mindfulness and calm out of it!

More shoes, this time from Asda. I'm actually gutted about these ones, though. My usual size, but slightly (ever so slightly) on the large side. When I wear these, they rub my heel like hell! Any advice? 

Another Quick Reads book! I was really looking forward to reading this one, as I've heard so much about the unabridged book.

Yes, another new diary! I just couldn't resist. WHSmith have some gorgeous diaries in stock at the moment. And there's no way I could pass up some cat sticky notes!

I needed a new make-up bag to go with my new handbag (see above). I hunted high and low, but finally found this one for only £8 in Boots!

This cat top is so cute! And a must-have, for me. I also picked up some more pom-poms for my handbag, and another hair turban. I bloody love Primark!

I saw the Joseph Dot Hydration Bottle on Rhianna's Insta Story, quite some time ago now. It seemed like it might be the motivation I needed to drink more, so I ordered one!

Another random selection of goodies! I've been after Zoo, by James Patterson, for a while now; after watching the series on Netflix. Finally managed to get my hands on a copy. I also picked up a bubble bar from Lush (which I now can't remember the name of, #fail) and some soap and a storage basket from Tiger!

Postcards, galore! I needed to decorate my new diary (see above) with motivational postcards, so I hit up my local Paperchase!

Gingham, guys. GINGHAM! I love this dress, and wear it all the time. I also loved the cat top I bought in Primark previously (see above) that I bought a second one!

Aha - more books. This was an  Amazon delivery of a few books I've had my eye on recently. I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into The Million Dollar Blog - it sounds really interesting!

Aaaand....that's a wrap! On part one, anyway. Part two will go up in a few weeks! I didn't realise I had so much to share, actually. I apologise for the picture heavy post. But I hope you enjoyed it, as much as I enjoy other's haul posts (if you have a recent haul post do link me in the comments below!)

What's your favourite high-street store, and why? 

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