Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Tips For Holidaying With Cats || Guest Post

Cat owners have a massive dilemma when considering the prospect of going on holiday. When you have a cat to take care of, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you want to even go. For those of us who have a strong connection with our cat (a possibility despite what some dog lovers might say), it is probably best for our happiness, as well as our furry friend’s, to take the cat with us. This could be to a country cottage nearby, or even to another country.

If this seems too overwhelming, it does not have to be. There are now specialist companies that offer services to transport pets abroad at reasonable prices. This takes the responsibility out of doing all the organization yourself. After all, it is supposed to be a holiday!


The first thing you should do when considering a vacation with your cat is to check that your desired accommodation accepts pets. If it does not, you must select one that does. This should not be too difficult, as more and more companies and businesses are becoming increasingly pet-friendly. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to call and ask someone directly, it might be that they deal with pet requests on an individual basis.

If you are about to take your cat on the journey of their life, their comfort and happiness is a number one priority. You also want to make sure they are well behaved, i.e. not totally stressed, to avoid any extra room accident charges that they may incur. To do this you should be sure to bring their normal cat food with you. It might mean slightly heavy suitcases but it is important, as you do not want to change their digestive routine.

If you are not sure how your cat will react to new surroundings, or even if you are fairly confident they’ll be ok, it is smart to bring a pheromone spray with you. This will make your cat feel instantly at home and will avoid any ‘marking of territory’ if your cat happens to be male.

For the journey you want to make sure that your cat has what is required for safe transportation. This is true whether you are travelling by car, train, or plane. During all travel, your cat should be restrained to avoid any accidents. They should also have something on them (especially if they are being transported by air) that smells of you so that their journey is minimally anxiety provoking. Perhaps a scarf or jumper that you don’t mind leaving in the carrier with your furry friend, to make them feel close to you.

Finally, you should weigh the pros and cons of any vacation. While it may be a difficult decision to make, not all journeys are necessary for your feline friend to attend, and sometimes it may be harder on them than if you were to leave them at home with a temporary companion. If you are only to be gone for a few days, it might be unnecessary stress on your cat to bring them and you should consider leaving them at home. Of course, do check with your vet to see if they can offer you any advice. There are some breeds of both cats and dogs, which are banned from most flights as they have respiratory systems, which cannot withstand the altered air pressure on a plane. Though, the pet travel company can provide you with this information too.

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