Sunday, 23 April 2017

More Than Just A Freebies Site* || With Gratisfaction UK

*This is a collaborative post*

We all love a good bargain, right? And the best bargains? Freebies, of course! So when I find a site that offers up a whole host of bargains (freebies and more!) I feel like it's my duty to let you guys know about it. Which is why I'm here! 

Gratisfaction UK* is the UK's largest growing freebies site. Their mission? To provide UK families with only the best quality freebies, free samples, bargain deals and money-saving voucher codes. They source the very best, latest free samples, bargains, vouchers and coupons. And by posting more often, and more quality offerings, than other freebies sites, they guarantee 100% gratisfaction! 

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fantastic wordplay? Okay, minute over...

Let's take a look at some of the current freebies, flash bargains and more on Gratisfaction UK. These are just a taster of what the site has to offer...

You can choose to browse the website by type of bargain (Freebies/Voucher Codes/Flash Bargains/Hot) or by category (Pets/Film/Fashion/etc). There's also a handy little widget on the homepage showing you the most liked bargains. I operate under the assumption that the more likes a bargain has the better the bargain is! There's also a handy little search box, perfect for if you know exactly what you're looking for! 

There are bargains galore on Gratisfaction UK; I could while away a whole afternoon browsing through, and claiming, freebies. Perfect for procrastinating, maybe?! But also perfect for, well, all of us. Because everyone loves to save a bit of money, and get a good deal, right? So why don't you check out some of the free samples at Gratisfaction UK right now?

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