Sunday, 16 April 2017

Let's Talk Weddings: Say Cheese!

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Not enough has happened since the last wedding update post, if I'm honest. We really need to create the final draft of our guest list for daytime and evening guests; order save the date cards, and other wedding stationery; and perhaps most crucially, find THE DRESS! Yep, you heard it right; I still don't have my dress yet. If I'm honest, I'd feel so much more comfortable getting married in my pyjamas (or maybe jeans and a tee-shirt) but my fiancĂ© says that's not an option. Not now he's put the deposit down on the suits! 

So, besides the suits, what else have we got done since the last update? Well, the biggest item on our to-do list that we've finally managed to tick off is booking a wedding photographer. This was actually really easy in the end, as Chris knew someone from his previous job who does wedding photography on the side of teaching. She was more than happy to shoot our wedding; and we had a great initial meeting with her to discuss what we want!

So, what do we want? We're all about those candid photos, to be honest. Of course, we'll do the obligatory staged photos; couples, families, group shots etc. But we both agreed we'd prefer natural, candid, unstaged photos. Which our photographer is great at! We also spoke about getting out into the surrounding forest (as we're getting married in the Forest of Dean) for some photos of just the two of us; if the weather's good, of course. I don't fancy wading through muddy woodland in my wedding dress!

We'll have another meeting with our photographer in June/July to discuss possible locations for the couple photos after the ceremony; what staged shots we want; and finalise all the details. After that, I'll see her first on our big day; as she's with us from bridal prep to first dance!

What's left to sort out then? We've only got five months to go and, to be honest, we really need someone to kick our asses! My sister is far more organised than I am, and she's not getting married till May 2018! Still to sort out, then...

Table decorations 

No pressure then! There's so much to do, and so little time. Here's hoping the next wedding update post sees a bit more progress, eh? Wish us luck! 

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