Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Haul Post (Part Two!)

In my last haul post, I explained that I'd been splashing the cash, perhaps, a little bit too much recently. So I split my latest haul post into two parts, and today I bring you Part Two!

New Look are fast becoming my favourite store, guys. First, they released all kinds of cute unicorn homeware (for examples, see this haul post) and now they've released the BEST tee-shirts! And they're only £7!

I think this design is my favourite, although I'm a little in love with both of them! It's true guys; cats really are forever!

Did you think I was over the unicorn obsession because of the cat tee's? Ha! You were wrong. When I was picking up my cat tee's, I also picked up this super cute, super fluffy unicorn keyring, and another unicorn air freshener for my car!

I haven't just been spoiling myself recently; I've been spoiling my cat, too! When I saw that B&M had a load of new cat toys out, I picked up one of everything for little Harley. He loves the felt pop-up cube; it's a place to hide and play. And he walks around with the ball of wool in his mouth quite often; it's so cute!

Okay, so, I bought this plastic mixing bowl for Pancake Day, right? Well, my partner emptied the contents of the mixing bowl into the bin after I was finished with them (the first pancake is always a mess, in my experience) and he hit the bowl on the bin quite hard. It wasn't until I was washing up the bowl, that I noticed the big chunk of plastic mixing and promptly blamed him. Looking at this photo though, which was taken before anyone had used the bowl, it appears as if the plastic was missing when I bought it. Or, at least, it was missing when I got it home! So apologies to my fiancé; he didn't break it after all. But he can still buy me a new one! More toys for the cat, a Kellogg's spoon (why not?) and a cute storage basket (for all my Lush bath bombs and bubble bars!) completed this little haul from B&M.

I've seen a few people talking about this blog on Twitter, so I decided to pick it up and read it for myself. It's not my usual read, but I'm stepping out of my comfort zone a lot recently when it comes to reading, with mostly positive results, so I thought; why not?! I also picked up some disposable razors, and splurged on a more expensive razor that I can buy new heads for; reusable? I'm not actually that keen on this razor, though, so I might not bother buying new heads for it!

Okay, not very exciting, I know. But Harley needed a new blanket. And I use these Push Lights in the kitchen to light up the fish tank!

Ooh, another Lush haul! I'm stepping out of my comfort zone again (I'm doing that a lot lately, aren't I?) and trying a few things I've never tried before; mouthwash tabs, tooth powder and a massage bar! I also had to pick up Plum Rain shower gel; it smells amazing!

More new clothes. My wardrobe really has had a total makeover! Another two cardigans (they've become a wardrobe staple for me) and two more tee-shirts. Can never have enough tee-shirts, am I right?!

Who else loves Gilmore Girls? When I heard that Lauren Graham had released an autobiography, I rushed straight to my nearest Waterstones to buy it! It looks like it's going to be a great read. 

A bit of a mixed bag, this haul! The Coffee Creams, from Thornton's, were a birthday present for my fiancé. It's okay, his birthday's been and gone now, so I can reveal that on here! I picked up the Strawberry Dreams for me because, treat yo'self! My local Lush store finally restocked the Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb, so I picked one up. I was very restrained in Lush this time, though; as you can see! I picked up some wet wipes (I love the Strawberry Laces ones) and tissues from Boots. The cat toys, treats, and pop-up tent were presents for my cat's 'gotcha day'; the anniversary of the day he came home with us. They went over very well; especially the cheese and chicken treats! And the two books I picked up in Tesco on the 2 for £7 deal!

This month, I went bra shopping! My least favourite activity. But I managed to pick up this lovely, blue mix bra that fits like a dream!

I finally found out why everyone seems to LOVE Kikki.K stationery, after a recent trip to John Lewis. I picked up this Weekly Goals and Habits pad, which is not only cute but useful, as well a set of Gemma Correll sticky notes. On the recommendation of Jemma, I picked up Debut in WHSmith, too!

After reading James Bowen's story, I like to buy The Big Issue whenever I have some change. But I make an extra special effort when I see handsome Bob on the cover! My future MIL loves Bob, too, so I always pass the magazine on to her, after I've read it.

I had to buy a new purse, after my last one ended up with pen all over it! I love River Island purses, and this black one will go with most of my handbags!

I've seen this book pop up a few times on social media, and I decided I'd pick it up and give it a read. I'm all about the self-help books at the moment, as I mentioned in my last haul post, so I'm hoping this will be an interesting, insightful, and maybe even helpful read. Fingers crossed!

You guys know the unicorn obsession lives on. Not only are New Look selling all kinds of cute unicorn stuff though, Accessorize have got in on the action too! Unicorn tissues and mini wipes (cotton candy scented!) are just two products from the awesome range of unicorn products available in store (and I'm not being paid to promote this range at all - I just really freakin' love it!) I also picked up this cute, and very handy, vanilla scented hand sanitizer whilst I was at the till! 

More clothes! I really have been spending far too much money on clothes this month. I bought these same jeggings a few weeks ago, and liked the colour and cut so much that I decided to buy another pair. It's not like they were expensive, either; £8.50 from Primark! The patterned top, also from Primark, I picked up for a meeting at work. 

Another top to wear around the house; picked up for only £3 in Primark! I love getting a good bargain in the sales.

Lush have got to stop releasing new ranges; they are definitely bankrupting me! If you didn't already know, the Lush Easter range is now available in store and online. I'm not actually that keen on the new line of products for Easter, but I did pick up a few bits to try. Bunch of Carrots bubble bar, Which Came First (Stripes) bath bomb, Chocolate lip scrub, and Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel. Maybe I'll share my thoughts on each in a separate blog post? 

After seeing a fellow blogger sharing photos of the new Imperial Leather Cherry Bakewell Shower Cream, I knew I had to get my hands on a bottle for myself. Tesco had the shower cream on offer, 2 for £2, so I picked up a bottle of Invigorating Hair and Body Wash for my fiancé, too. Generous, aren't I?! I also picked up another new book, which looks really interesting, and was only £5 in Tesco! 

And that's a wrap! I definitely need to rein in the spending next month, so the next haul post may not be for a month, or more! 

Have you tried, or would you try, Imperial Leather Cherry Bakewell Shower Cream? 

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