Monday, 3 April 2017

April Goals!

I don't think I've ever done this before, but this month I won't be recapping on how I got on with my goals in March. Why? Because, truthfully, I didn't achieve any of them. And even though I'm trying not to, I'm beating myself up pretty badly over my perceived failure. But, you see, I started the month off with a nasty cold/flu. I spent about a week on the sofa, under the duvet; feeling pretty sorry for myself. Suffice it to say, I didn't exactly have the motivation to swim, watch what I ate or weight train! As the month wore on, my mental health took a knock. Anxiety has been a constant presence in my life for ten, or more, years; but recently, it's been getting worse. And it's had a huge impact on my motivation; in that, I don't have any! But I'm going all out for April; I'm pushing for better mental and physical health, whatever it takes. Here are my goals for the month ahead...

1. Swim at least once a week. It's amazing how much of a difference exercise makes to both my physical and mental health. Even if it's a struggle to convince myself to go, I always feel better for it afterwards. And the weight just falls off me as soon as I start exercising!

2. Count calories daily. At the end of last year, I combined restricting and counting calories with swimming once a week and had fantastic results. I was losing 2-3ibs a week, and feeling great. I want to go back to this, especially with my wedding in five months!

3. Lose 8ibs. Based on previous experiences, I reckon this is doable. If I can maintain, or exceed, 8ibs a month, I should have lost around 2.5+ stone by our wedding! 

4. Eat out no more than once a week. My fiance and I have slipped into a very unhealthy habit of eating out a lot. This needs to stop, and eating out only once a week is more than enough!

5. Talk to the doctor about my mental health. It's so important to seek help when you need it. I know that, more than anyone. I want to get on top of my mental health this month, and the first step is seeking help! 

Bonus: 900 followers on IG. I actually set myself this little 'bonus goal' last month, too. And I achieved it, about a week before the end of March. Then I went on an unfollowing spree, and lost about 50 followers in a day. I know, right?! I was so gutted. So I'm re-setting myself this goal for April! 

What is one thing you'd really like to achieve in April? 

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