Monday, 24 April 2017

An Easier Way To Order Prescription Medication* || With The Independent Pharmacy

*This is a collaborative post*

With all of the technology available at our fingertips, it's amazing that the NHS are still stuck in the 90's. Don't get me wrong, I'm super grateful for free healthcare but who has time for doctors appointments, right?! Besides telephone appointments, my surgery recently introduced Skype consultations to help the busy patients! No more schlepping to the surgery, waiting twenty minutes past your appointment time, and then racing back to work. That old routine can take up at least a half-hour of your time; time away from your family or your job. So what can you do to save yourself time when it comes to healthcare? 

Well, The Independent Pharmacy can save you time! It's a safe way of acquiring privately prescribed medication through a confidential online consultation with a UK-registered doctor or prescribing pharmacist. Sometimes, when you go to the doctors, you don't really need a ten minute appointment. You just need a quick chat and a prescribing pad. And it can be a real pain having to take a half-hour, or more, out of your day just to get some medication. The Independent Pharmacy, then, take the pain out of obtaining prescription medicine!

The website is easy to navigate; you can shop either by medication or by condition. And there's plenty of helpful information for each medication; including a description, directions, side effects, ingredients and warnings. Just choose your medication, select the size/quantity needed, answer a few medical questions, pay and go! Your medication will be delivered to a location of your choice in discreet packaging. A small delivery fee (from £2.95) is payable on orders below £40 - so order in bulk! 

The Care Quality Commission regulate the service and all of the doctors are registered with the General Medical Council so you can be assured you are receiving high-quality care from start to finish. 

Why use The Independent Pharmacy? Because they offer the convenience of carrying out a consultation for prescription medication in full on their website. The whole process, from choosing your medication to ordering, takes a lot less time than attending a doctors appointment. And who doesn't want to save time? 

Would you use The Independent Pharmacy? 

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