Monday, 13 March 2017

Picture Perfect* || With Printiki

It's no big secret that I love my cat. He's featured in plenty of blog posts and, if you follow me on Instagram (cheeky little plug!), you'll probably be sick of seeing photos of him by now! But I'm not; I can't get enough of my handsome little tuxedo cat. So when Printiki* asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their prints, I knew exactly what photos I wanted printing! 

Printiki think it's great that we have the technology to carry a camera around in our pockets, all the time. They love sharing the images captured digitally, but strongly believe there is something magical about a printed photograph. Printiki understand we're all busy people, and have created tools to make converting your digital memories to printed products ridiculously easy!

Middle image - Harley repping my blog!

You can choose from a variety of products on the Printiki website; from retro prints to posters and books. Prints vary in size and style; from square to regular, medium to large. You can choose to have a white border (as above), black border, or full page print. You can also add text/captions to the pictures, and choose a Matte or Glossy finish. You can upload your images to print from Instagram/Facebook/Dropbox/OneDrive/Google+, or your PC. If you become a repeat customer (as I will be!), Printiki keep your previously uploaded images in a file should you wish to print them again. 

It can be hard to tell from a picture on the internet; but the prints I chose (Square M) are only slightly larger than a Polaroid print. In comparison to prints I received from Cheerz last year, I vastly prefer Printiki's prints. These are larger, and there's no empty space (especially if you choose a full page print.) 

The printing process is super easy - it only took me around twenty minutes, tops, to select thirty images and send them to print. That's less than half a lunch break! I chose all my images from Instagram, and as I was already signed into Instagram on my computer it was just a case of connecting Printiki to Instagram, which took seconds!

As you can see, the photos came out perfectly. There wasn't even one print that was slightly imperfect. The crop was perfect, the finish just right. I ordered my prints with the standard economy shipping option, which costs just £2.49, and my prints arrived within three days of ordering! I was super impressed with how easy it was to get my favourite images printed, and how quickly they arrived through my letterbox. 

Overall, I was really impressed with my Printiki prints. Good quality, reasonable prices (30 Square M prints are just £6.50!), and fast delivery. What more can you ask for?! After ordering my prints, I popped onto Amazon and ordered a photo album. I've really enjoyed filling it with these gorgeous prints of my handsome cat. I'm that crazy cat lady who has a photo album of her cat on the living room table, now! And I just love showing off these images to all who visit my home.

You can connect with Printiki on Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Pinterest.

Do you prefer digital images, or printed photos?

*Products included in this post may have been sent to me in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own.

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