Sunday, 19 March 2017

Haul Post (Part One!)

I've been taking the term 'shop till you drop' a little too literally lately! I love sharing my purchases with you, here on the blog. And my haul posts are always popular. So here's part one of two, because I have rather been splashing the cash lately. Oops?

I've had this book on my Wishlist for a while; it's so colourful and, well, HAPPY! I am all about those self-help books right now, and I feel like this will be a really interesting read. And for only £8 in Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury's (I can't remember which store now!), you can't go wrong.

Last month, I spent quite a bit of money on clothes. This is highly unusual for me! But I decided I needed a new look, and some new clothes, so I threw away/donated lots of clothes I hadn't worn in months (or years), and filled my wardrobe up with lots of new stuff! I live and die in these ballet flats; and at £4 from Primark, they're a real bargain!

Whilst I was in Primark, I spotted these pyjamas, and literally squealed with joy. I'd been keeping an eye out for these after I saw them on someone's IG Story, but hadn't had much luck finding them. These are my new, favourite pyjamas; I love Friends!

Part one of my new look, new wardrobe. These cardigans were only £4.50 from Primark, so I picked up a couple to wear over vest tops on milder days!

Aforementioned vest tops; these were a steal at just £2.50, also from Primark. Primark clothes are such good value for money; cheap, but, in my experience, good quality!

New tee-shirts! I used to wear leggings, all the time, but now I'm more of a jeggings gal. I picked up a couple of short sleeved tee's, and one long sleeved top, from Primark. All for no more than £5 each!

More vest tops, knickers and some jeggings. I really regretted buying the black jeggings on right, though. They just attract cat hair, dust and fluff!

In my last haul post, I mentioned that I'd bought a Harry Potter throw. The next time I was in Primark, I spotted this, more colourful and slightly thinner, Harry Potter throw and....well, you can never have too many throws. I'm all about that Hygge life! The black, polka dot top was reduced to £3 in the sale, and I team it with jogging bottoms for around the house wear! Oh, more knickers. A girl can never have enough knickers! I picked up Trophy Girl, by Paula Daly, and The Girl Before, by JP Delaney, in a supermarket for £5 each!

I have an iPhone. And we all know, iPhone batteries SUCK! I already have a portable charger, but at only 2000mAh, it's not very powerful. I'm lucky if it provides just one full charge. I picked up this 4000mAh portable charger in Primark which gives me, at least, two full charges!

Guys, did you know Primark sell washi tape now?! I love this pink set; but they have loads of other designs too. Definitely get your butt to Primark if you're a washi tape addict, like me. A real bargain at £1.50 for five rolls!

As well as an iPhone, I have an Apple Watch. I love it, but the original strap had, over time, become stained blue (somehow)! Apple Watch straps aren't cheap, but I saved up and decided to buy the woven nylon band, rather than the sports band which I had originally. I'm pleased with it; and it was well worth the money!

If I can't afford Lush shampoo and conditioner, which I usually can't, I'll buy Herbal Essences. I love their new Daily Detox range. The White Tea and Mint fragrance smells AMAZING!

I bought this cute anchor dress because, despite what I said earlier, I do still wear leggings from time to time. This dress will look great teamed with a pair of leggings, and it was only a few pounds! The hair wrap, £2.50 I think, I picked up to replace my old, faded and worn Soap and Glory hair wrap.

More pyjamas! I get really hot in bed, so often wear the shorts and tank top combo. I love cats, as you all know by now, so couldn't resist this cute set from, you guessed it, Primark!

Primark do the best night shirts. I'm stocking up ready for the hot, sweaty Summer nights (it never hurts to be optimistic!)

Lush have basically bankrupt me recently. First they launched their Valentine's range, now their Mother's Day range. And soon, their Easter range! In fact, I think their Easter range is out now (by the time this post is published, anyway)! I had to pick up the Pink Custard Shower Jelly, Elsie the Giraffe Bubble Bar and Baa Bar Bubble Bar. I also popped into Boots and grabbed some nail polish remover (a must have) and some Folic Acid and Vitamin D tablets (which, apparently, I should be taking as I'm trying to conceive!)

Woo, new coasters. This is the peak of adulthood, kids! We've needed new coasters for months, and I finally found some I liked in B&M. They were so cheap, I picked up two different designs; so now I can mix and match!

You might have already seen my photo album in my Picture Perfect post? I picked up this album from Amazon, to keep all the photos of my gorgeous cat in one place. I love that the album has a cut out to include a photo right on the front. Now everyone knows what photos they can expect to find in this album!

I don't normally spend a lot on makeup, but I made an exception for this Winky Lux lipstick. If you haven't heard of Winky Lux PH Balm yet, then where have you been?! It's supposed to react to your lips PH for a custom shade unique to you. The jury's still out right now, but I love the design of it. It's so pretty!

I have had this Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 on my Wishlist for months, but never hit buy. When my car passed the MOT, I used it as an excuse to hit buy. I was pleased to find out that the tablet had actually dropped in price by £50, so it was worth hanging on a bit!

I also got this Yoga Tab 3 case FREE with the tablet. I would have preferred the pink case, but never look a gift horse in the mouth!

And finally, some new Tea/Coffee/Sugar tins! I sure know how to live, don't I?! But seriously, these tins feel very Spring like, don't you think?!

EDIT: Read Part Two!

Does anyone else get excited by new homeware, or is it just me?!

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