Sunday, 19 February 2017

What's Inside My Makeup Bag!

So, about a week ago, I wrote a blog post sharing what's inside my handbag, in which I promised to share the contents of my makeup bag in a future post. Which is exactly what I'm doing now! I love my makeup bag, which is relatively new, actually! It was part of the Alice in Wonderland range of Christmas gifts, and I picked it up whilst Christmas shopping. Gotta treat yo'self, right?!

Here's what's inside my makeup bag...

- Alice Body Spray Tuberose 50ml

- Glass cleaning cloth (anyone with glasses knows how hard it is to keep the damn things clean!)

- Balmi Mint Lip Balm

- Carex Bubble-gum Hand Gel

- Avon Simply Delicate Feminine Cleansing Wipes (these come in useful for so many things, especially if I've forgotten to pack wet wipes!) 

- Comb

- Baby Lips Dr Rescue Lip Balm

- Alice in Wonderland Lip Gloss

- Avon Lipstick (I can't remember the exact shade, but it's a kind of coral colour!)

- Carmex Lip Balm

- Little Black Dress Perfume 

- Plasters

- Allergy Relief Tablets

- Nurofen Express Tablets

- Pocket Mirror

- Sanitary Towels (I mean, are you even a girl if you don't have some kind of sanitary product in your make-up bag?!)

I think it's pretty evident that I carry around way too many lip products, right? My favourite, by far, is the Baby Lips Dr Rescue; it's so cooling, perfect for sore lips, and really moisturising. There are two other items that have wormed their way into my makeup bag recently, that weren't photographed. These are... 

- Pusheen Lip Balm (yep, another lip balm!)

- Cosmopolitan Perfume

What's inside your makeup bag? 

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