Friday, 10 February 2017

What's Inside My Handbag!

It's been well over a year since I last wrote a "What's Inside My Handbag" post! There have been many handbag changes in that year; both in terms of the handbag itself, and the content inside! And I'm actually no longer using this bag, either! But I'm not retaking the photos, and only the bag has changed (okay, and the purse!) In fact, I'll include a photo of the new bag and purse at the end of this post. But everything else remains the same! Here's what's inside my handbag...

- Purse. If you don't have a purse in your handbag, what are you even doing with your life?! 

- Tissues. Always handy for runny noses or, more commonly, public loos with no loo roll!! 

- Pusheen Lip Balm. This lip balm is just the CUTEST! My lips are quite a mess during the cold, Winter months, so lip balm is a must!

- Avon 3-in-1 Camera Lens. These are interchangeable clip-on lenses. There's a fish eye lens, a macro lens, and a wide angle lens. For a fiver, they're actually pretty good!

- Wet Wipes. Always handy for sticky fingers, dirty loo seats, or just to freshen up!

- Co Codamol tablets. I wish this wasn't a necessity, but Co Codamol's are the only painkillers that touch my migraines, so I always keep a pack in my handbag!

- Mittens. I always buy my mittens from Primark. They're cute, practical and, most importantly, cheap! 

- Disney makeup bag. This is a relatively new addition to my handbag. I mean, I've always had a makeup bag in my handbag, but I only bought this Disney one just before Christmas! Oh, and I'll have a post coming up in a few weeks sharing what's inside my makeup bag. So keep an eye out for that!

- Manicure kit. This kit has everything you could possibly need for looking after your nails when you're out and about; nail scissors, nail file, tweezers, nail clippers, cuticle stick!

- Spearmint Polos. I usually only consume Polos when I have indigestion, or something I've eaten doesn't agree with me. The mint is great for soothing an irritated tummy! 

- Cadbury pen. This is one of my favourite pens; I picked it up when my fiancĂ© and I visited Cadbury World! Always handy to have a pen on you; I keep this in the zipped compartment of my handbag, so I've always got one when I need one!

- Avon Metallic Power Charger and Mirror. I have an iPhone. Enough said.

- Car keys. I mean, I usually need these to actually go anywhere so...

- House keys. And I need these to actually leave the house so...

- Paperchase Planner. And finally, I never leave the house without my planner. It has my whole life inside it; my finances, my to-do list, my shopping list. Everything! I'd be lost without it.

And, as promised, a picture of my new handbag and purse. Both came from River Island; they are killing it at the moment with their range of handbags and purses! 

Keep an eye out for the "What's Inside My Makeup Bag" blog post, coming to the blog soon! Oh, and before I get asked, my handbag really is that neat. I don't ever have loose change, tissues, or receipts floating around at the bottom! Not that there's anything wrong with having a messy handbag, I just know someone will ask. I did once find some dry cat food at the bottom of my handbag, though. That was...odd!

Is your handbag messy, or neat? 

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