Monday, 13 February 2017

My Pandora Bracelet

It might be a bit of a blogger cliché, but I bloody love my Pandora bracelet. I've been inspired by other blogger's sharing theirs to share my own Pandora bracelet, and the charms I've accumulated so far! I've actually only had my Pandora for just over a year. Two Christmases, one birthday and a few other smaller, but no less significant events later, and I've got quite the full bracelet! 

You might be wondering, what is the point of this post? Well, there is no point, really! I just wanted to document my Pandora, the charms, and what it means to me right here on my blog. And maybe my collection will inspire you, if you have a Pandora and a birthday, or other occasion, coming up! Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and Pandora have some gorgeous new charms out especially for the occasion. Drop some hints around your loved one, or just treat yourself! 

So, my Pandora bracelet is very organised. Would you expect anything less from me, really?! It's split into three sections; children, relationship, and other. The children section is empty right now, obviously, but reserved for charms relating to or from my future kids. The relationship section, right in the middle of the bracelet, is almost full. In fact, there's only one space for one more charm in that section; and I'm holding it for this bride and groom charm! This section has an important order to it, too. I'll talk about that more shortly. And, as you can see, the other section is also quickly filling up! Now, onto the charms.

Star Pave Clip - I treated myself to this charm for my 26th birthday!
Heart Beat Charm - Valentine's Day present from my other half.
Home Sweet Home Charm - One of the first charms on my bracelet, a Christmas present from my other half.
Curious Cat Charm - I treated myself to this charm because...cats!
Heart Gift Box Charm - Birthday present from my other half.

I already mentioned that the relationship section of my Pandora bracelet is very organised. This is because this section tells the story of my relationship with my soon-to-be husband; our love, our first house together, our first pet together, and our engagement. And when we tie the knot, in seven months, I'll have the Bride and Groom charm to finish off the relationship section! 

Magic Sky Clip - This was a present from my future in-laws upon passing my driving test.
Guardian of Travel Pendant Charm  - A present from my mum upon passing my driving test.
Pudsey Bear Charm (Limited Edition)  - My mother-in-law bought us both this charm when it was released last year.
Unicorn Pendant Charm - A Christmas present from my future in-laws (2016)
Castle and Crown Charm - I bought this for myself with birthday money from my grandma, and mum.
Cross Pendant Charm - This was the very first charm I received; a Christmas gift, along with the bracelet, from my future in-laws.
Virgo Star Sign Charm - A birthday present from one of my friends at work!
Love Reading Pendant Charm - A Christmas present from my grandparents.
Floral Safety  Chain - A birthday present from my future in-laws.

And that's it. For now, at least! I know I have another charm coming my way tomorrow; a Valentine's Day present from my other half. How do I know? Because I picked it out, and bought it, myself! I might do another post like this in a year's time; just to see what new charms I've added! Would you guys be interested in that? Oh, and now can you see why I wouldn't take each charm off the bracelet and photograph them individually?!

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? 

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