Sunday, 12 February 2017

Let's Talk Weddings: The Date Is Set!

Hey guys, guess what? We've only gone and bloody done the impossible. Or rather, what I thought was impossible. Yep, we've agreed on a venue and set the date! It's been quite the journey since getting engaged at the end of May! And after all the wedding fairs and open days we've been to, at various local hotels, we've finally settled on a simpler, smaller affair.

It's amazing to me how, when you first get engaged, you think you know exactly what you want. And then, over a period of months, after countless open days, wedding fairs and arguments, you come to the realisation that what you thought you wanted isn't what you wanted at all. Cryptic, much?

When hubby-to-be and I first got engaged, we agreed we wanted to have our wedding day in one place. And we agreed on a hotel. This seemed logical to us; our guests could arrive in the morning, park their cars and then leave the next day. There were no issues of getting from A to B, or of finding local accommodation. 

But months and months of wedding fairs and open days later, we still couldn't agree on a hotel. We either didn't like the same ones, or they were totally out of our budget. I was beginning to think we'd never agree on a venue. And then we had a heart-to-heart and realised; neither of us wanted a big wedding.

So we started looking at options for a smaller venue. We were still looking at hotels, but we also looked at a Steam Railway in the Forest of Dean (yes, really - we thought it was different!) and registry offices. And finally, after much discussion, we settled on a venue.

Well, venues.

We're getting married in the early afternoon on Friday 15th September (just two days after my birthday!) at a registry office in my fiancĂ©'s hometown. The reception is being held a few miles down the road, at a local pub! It's all within our budget, the venues are lovely and, most importantly, it's exactly what we want.

Of course, that's only eight months away, so the wedding planning has stepped up a gear. A few days ago, we gave notice of our intent to marry at our local council offices. So we now have our marriage licence! We've chosen our photographer, and just have to meet with her to discuss what we want. My fiancĂ© will be going to try on suits with his best man and father in a few weekends time.

Me? I'm not dress shopping until June/July. I want as much time as possible to slim down, so I can look beautiful in my wedding dress. BUT, that being said, I do have a dress in mind. I've seen it online, I love it, and I think it will look really good on me. I just need to try it on!

Of course, there's still a lot to sort! Flowers; I know what bouquet I want, but I'm still thinking on what I want the bridesmaids to have. Cake; we know we want cupcakes, but not what flavour/s or colour yet. Wedding presents; I think I've sorted the bridesmaid's presents, but there's still the best man to buy for! And so much more. 

But I feel like we're making good progress. Marriage licence, suits, photographer, wedding rings, hair pieces, and jewellery are all, pretty much, sorted. But I'll talk more about that in a later post. I'm sure I've babbled on enough for now. I just can't help it, I'm excited. And I hope all you are too! 

In less than eight months, I'll be a Mrs!

If you have any wedding planning tips, please share them with me in the comments!

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