Monday, 27 February 2017

February Faves!

February was a goood month! We set a date for our wedding, gave notice of our intent to marry and picked up our wedding rings! There were plenty of favourites to choose from this month, here's just a few of them.


You're going to get a completely unrelated photo for this one, because I won't be sharing a picture of our wedding rings until after the ceremony, in September! But one of the favourite things I've been doing this month, is picking up our wedding rings. And all the other wedding related stuff, too! 

Listening to

I have had this song playing on repeat in my car recently. I love the lyrics, the beat; it's just an awesome tune! You can really dance to this one, too; behind the steering wheel, or otherwise.


So much unicorn stuff! I recently picked up a unicorn water bottle, unicorn air freshener, unicorn phone case and more (New Look are killing it with their unicorn range at the moment!) But my favourite purchase this month is definitely this gorgeous unicorn bedding from Primark. Gorgeous!


The Whispers broke my heart. I watched all thirteen episodes of Season One in a few days; I haven't been that addicted to a show since Pretty Little Liars! The final episode finished on a massive cliffhanger, and I was so excited for Season Two. But guess what? There is no Season Two; they cancelled it. So now I'm mad. But The Whispers was still a great watch.


Unicorn pyjamas! Yep, something I didn't mention above is that I recently picked up two pairs of unicorn pyjamas; also from Primark. These are my favourite pyjamas now, and I'm genuinely sad when they're in the wash!


Of all the books I read this month, Only Ever Yours stands out the most to me. It reminded me of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, and was quite a disturbing read. But I loved it, nonetheless.

See ya, February! 

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