Friday, 20 January 2017

Rainy Day Activities!

Well, the weather's been a bit shit lately, hasn't it? With all the rain and snow we've been having recently, it can be hard to know what to do on a day off, or when the weekend rolls around. So I put together this list of rainy day activities. Enjoy!

1. Get in the kitchen! Bake a cake, cook a full roast, whip up some brownies. There's so many recipes on the internet, you'll be spoilt for choice. I recommend these lemon meringue cupcakes, though!

2. DIY! Does your house need a new coat of paint? Re-hang some doors, or polish up some taps? All those odd jobs you've been putting off for months, a rainy day's the perfect time to do them!

3. Go for a drive! I love getting in my car, putting my favourite playlist on loud and just going for a drive. You don't have to drive to go anywhere, just drive. You'll stay nice and warm and dry if you stay in the car!

4. Get crafty. Cross stitch, knitting, painting, colouring in. The list of arts and crafts you could try your hand at is endless. I recommend trying this DIY Cute Storage Box, though!

5. Read! I mean, this seems pretty obvious right? But you can't beat curling up under a blanket, with a hot chocolate or cup of tea and a good book. Rainy days were made for reading!

6. Catch up on chores! Okay, so this might not sound like the most fun thing to be doing on a weekend/day off, but rainy days are great for catching up on all those chores you've been meaning to do!

7. Netflix and chocolate! Been meaning to watch The OA, or Stranger Things, but not had the time? Then grab a bar of Galaxy or Dairy Milk, and curl up on the sofa for a binge watching session. Here are some great TV show recommendations

8. Online shopping! Just because you can't go outside (or, more accurately, don't want to go outside) doesn't mean you can't spend some money! Grab your laptop, navigate to your fave online stores and shop till you drop! All from the comfort of your warm, cosy house. 

9. Declutter! I am all about decluttering, at the moment. Honestly, you will feel so good after a clear out. Go through your wardrobe, all the cupboards, and your bookshelf, too. Make a big pile of stuff you don't use or need anymore to take to your local charity shop!

10. Have a Lush bath. There is nothing better than running a nice, hot bath, dropping in your favourite Lush bath bomb and then relaxing in the water on a rainy day. I love Intergalactic and Frozen.

What are some of your favourite things to do on a rainy day? 

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