Friday, 27 January 2017

Life in January!

So, that was January then? Christmas seems like a long time ago, and a long way away, and we're all back into the daily routine of work now. Aside from being completely broke after Christmas and New Year, life in January has been pretty similar to life in pretty much every other month!

It's been a pretty quiet month, what with being broke and all, but I've been very productive and motivated! On New Year's Day, I took my blog down for a few hours, and gave it a completely new look. What do you think? I've also been posting lots of new content, like this post about my Lush collection! I revamped my advertising packages, too, and gave some of my regular posts (like this one) new titles! I have been a busy bee...

In February, I'll be trialling weekly book reviews for a month or two. Lots of people have expressed interest in these, but others have said they'd prefer to see my reviews combined in a monthly post. I'll take a view on whether to continue these weekly book reviews at the end of February, based on views, engagement, whether I'm enjoying doing them or not and probably with the help of a Twitter poll! I love Twitter polls.

If you've read My Lush Collection blog post, you'll know that I have a lot of Lush Christmas bath bombs/bubble bars! Well, nothing beats the January Blues, or warms you up on a cold Winter's night, better than a Lush bath! I'm really excited to get to my local Lush store again soon, because the Valentines range is now in stores! So I'll be adding to my Lush collection very soon.

Who else went a bit crazy in the January sales? I always try to remind myself not to buy things unless I really need them, but every year I spend the rest of my December pay on rubbish I probably wouldn't have bought otherwise, and definitely don't need! This Unicorn keyring was too cute to resist though and, in my defence, I had a gift voucher for Paperchase (where this little fella came from!) You can see everything I bought in the January sales in my haul post!

The last few weekends have been pretty chill, to be honest. We've not had the money to go anywhere, or do anything, and with adjusting to going back to work after the Christmas break, I'm kinda glad of the rest!

January, as well as being the month of being broke, is also the month of many significant events. On the 7th, Chris and I celebrated 6 years together! And by celebrated I mean, went grocery shopping, and had lunch in Morrisons Cafe! On the 13th, my little cat Harley turned 2, and on the 16th my lovely grandmother turned 76! A month of many presents, and celebrating then.

And that's about all there is to tell, really. Like I said, January was kind of a nothing month, although I do have some favourites to share with you on Monday! And I have some wedding news, but I'm keeping that close to my chest for the next few weeks. I'll dedicate a whole post to it soon, though, promise!

What did you get up to in January? 

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