Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tangles Be Gone!* || With Tangle Angel

If you haven't heard of Tangle Angel before, where have you been?! Created by celebrity and royal hairdresser, Richard Ward, Tangle Angel is a professional detangling brush, perfect for wet or dry hair. I've had my eye on a Tangle Angel for some time, as my hair is an absolute nightmare to brush, so when I received this Precious Pink Tangle Angel from the PR Team, I was thrilled!

Of course, I had to get all of the blog photos done before I could use my brush for the first time. I was desperate to brush my, to be honest, already brushed hair, but like the good blogger that I am, I waited until I had all my blog photos taken before using my Tangle Angel for the first time. But before I tell you what I thought of the brush, let me first tell you a little bit more about Tangle Angel!

Tangle Angel has some pretty unique features, including; antibacterial, anti static, heat resistant, water resistant, and an ergonomic shape. Basically this brush is ultra hygienic and safe to use. It's heat resistant bristles retain their shape, even when used with the high temperatures generated by hairdryers. You can also use this baby in the shower, and whether you hold the handle or the back, because of its ergonomic shape you'll have better control when styling! 

The biggest selling point to the Tangle Angel is, in my opinion, it's anti static feature. The anti static properties prevent flyaway hair, and leave hair silky and smooth. And this was one of the first things I noticed when I used my Tangle Angel the next day, after getting out of the shower!

It can take me upwards of five minutes usually to detangle my hair after washing. And that's with the help of Avon Naturals Detangling Spray! So when I sat down with my Tangle Angel for the first time, I settled in for the long haul. But within two minutes, or less, my hair was knot-free and so smooth! I was so impressed, I even had to comment on the smoothness of my hair to my fiancĂ© (who definitely does not understand the importance of silky smooth hair!)

To see if this was a fluke, or a good hair day, I kept my hair wrapped up in a towel turban for a good two hours or more before brushing after my next wash. When I took the towel off, my hair was full of tangles, and possibly the knottiest I've ever seen it. But my Tangle Angel brushed away all of the knots and tangles in only a few minutes, yet again! And, like the last time, it left my hair silky and smooth; even when dry!

Let's be honest. We're all looking for products that will save us time in the morning, right? I don't want to spend even five minutes brushing my hair in the morning, if I can help it. Those are all extra minutes I could be spending in bed! And that's part of the reason why I LOVE Tangle Angel. Tangle Angel cuts the amount of time I spend brushing my hair, whether fresh out of the shower or the next morning, in half. It's a complete timesaver!

But I've also never seen my hair look so good. I've only been using the Tangle Angel for just over two weeks, but I've seen such a difference in the health of my hair. I won't even pick up my old hairbrush anymore. It never left me hair as silky, smooth and soft as my Tangle Angel does! That anti static feature is the bomb, guys.

Of course, there is one other unique selling point to the Tangle Angel. And that is it's design. I mean, not only is it an ergonomic shape, it's really pretty, too. Right? If I had a dressing table (and, believe me, I wish I did!) this brush would have pride of place! The Tangle Angel comes in a range of colours, so don't be put off if you're just not that into pink. Colours include; Totally Turquoise, Wow White, OMG Orange and more! 

And if you love the Tangle Angel as much as me, you might consider buying one for your pet! You heard me right...Tangle Angel have their own range of pet brushes too. Cutely named Pet Angel! Pet Angel was born when customers confessed to Richard Ward that they'd been using their own Tangle Angel on their pets! No way would I share my Tangle Angel brush with my cat, Harley, though. He'll just have to get his own! 

What do you think of Tangle Angel? 

*Products marked with an asterisk were sent to me in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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