Sunday, 11 December 2016

Creating The Best Videos For Social Media* || With ToastTV

*This is a collaborative post*

Not that long ago (just over a year ago, in fact) I created my first ever vlog. If you want, you can watch it here. I wouldn't recommend it though. What I thought was great at the time of recording, turned out to be awful when editing, and even worse when rewatching. I've shared a handful of vlogs since then, usually here on the blog, or on my YouTube channel, and they've all been pretty awful. So I definitely wouldn't consider myself a pro when it comes to creating videos for social media. But I have picked up some do's and don't's from my own experiences in front of the camera, and today I wanted to share them with you. So grab a coffee and settle in, because whether you're a brand new vlogger or a seasoned professional, these are my top tips for creating good video for social media...

  • Firstly, learn how to use video editing software. Seriously, this shit's important. I had no idea how to edit my videos, which is why they are unedited. Hahaha. There's loads of video editing software available; choose the one you want to use, and make time to learn how to use it properly, before you start recording!

  • Find a nice environment to shoot in. Find an area of your house that is quiet, well lit, and tidy. Consider hanging a white, or coloured, sheet behind you for a pretty back-drop. Maybe add some fairy lights, nice prints or candles?

  • Use a decent camera. Now, most smartphones come equipped with a decent camera, so I'm definitely not saying you need to invest in a new camera just to shoot video. That being said, if you plan on vlogging regularly, or you own a really old smartphone with a really dodgy camera, it might be time to do some research and invest in something decent!

  • Avoid interruptions. If you've learnt to use video editing software, as suggested above, you can probably cut the moment you tell your mum/spouse/child/other to "leave me alone, I'm recording a video!!" But it's best to avoid interruptions altogether; by telling whoever you live with you'll be recording a video, and could they please avoid interrupting you for X amount of time. Better yet? Record when you're home alone!

  • Preparation is crucial. Just as you wouldn't go blindly into writing a blog post (even though, I often do), don't go blindly into making a video. Figure out what you want to talk about, plan it all out in a notebook/on your laptop, and jot down a few key prompts to keep off camera but in your line of sight incase you get stuck!

  • Good lighting? Good video! A dark, gloomy video does not a good video make. Whether you make use of natural light, or put to use some studio lighting, make sure you're shooting in a well-lit area!

  • Keep it short. I think the longest video I've ever watched on YouTube without getting bored and clicking away was 14 minutes long. Don't ramble on for hours, no one wants to watch that. And be aware of your medium. Posting your video on Facebook? Keep it to a few minutes long, max. Posting your video on your blog? You can probably make it between 10 and 20 minutes long, and still keep your audience interested.

Whilst vlogging, or any form of video creation, really isn't my jam, it's becoming more and more popular. Whether it's tv advert production, going live on Facebook, or filming an unboxing video; this really is the age of video! I hope my, definitely not expert but learned through experience, tips will help anyone looking to up their video game. And check out this handy infographic from ToastTV for more tips on creating video for social media.

Do you prefer to be behind or in front of a camera?

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