Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Four Eyes* || With Perfect Glasses

If you've seen any of my photos on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, or even on my About Me page right here on the blog, you'll know I wear glasses. I remember the moment I was told I would need glasses; I had been dragged into the optician's by my grandmother after I told her I couldn't see to cross the road, I just guessed! I think I was around nine or ten years old, and I was told I was short-sighted. I would need glasses to see the television, the whiteboard, and to cross the road!! It soon became apparent, though, that only wearing my glasses for long distance viewing wasn't going to work. Every day I would set off to school, ready for a day of learning. And where would my glasses be? At home... Eventually, I started wearing glasses all day, for any activity, and put them on as soon as I woke up. Thus eliminating the problem of forgetfulness! 

If you also wear glasses, you will likely know the pain of your optician's bill; new frames, lenses, and the eye test. It usually amounts to well over £100 from me, from my local high street store. And this is something you're supposed to repeat every year?! Take it from me, you people who don't wear glasses, you have no idea how lucky you are! As I got older, and the financial burden of my eyes fell on me, I would put off my eye tests for as long as possible; I think I'd gone three-four years without an eye test at one point. I just couldn't afford the huge bill. But that's not very healthy - they suggest an eye test every year for a reason, guys. 

So, all my fellow glasses wearers, I have the answer to all your optical problems. Perfect Glasses are an online only retailer of high quality prescription glasses and sunglasses. Choose from a collection of over 1000 pairs of glasses for men and women, from designer glasses to budget frames. And all you need is your prescription - which every optician in the UK is legally required to provide you with when you go for an eye test. Because Perfect Glasses only sell glasses online, they avoid the high costs of operation and so can pass on these savings to you! And ordering a pair of glasses from their website is so easy; just browse the range, select the pair you want, choose the type of lenses you want, and send over your prescription. Once they've received your order, you can expect to receive your glasses within 7 working days.

Ordering online makes some people uneasy, I know, and I was a little uneasy about ordering glasses online. But Perfect Glasses offer a "100% No Quibble Guarantee" - so if you're not at all happy with your order, you get a free exchange or refund. And you can upload your photo to the website to virtually try on the pair of specs you're eyeing up! And as someone who now has experience of ordering from them, let me tell you, I won't be buying my glasses from anywhere else in the future!

The glasses arrived via courier delivery, safely packaged inside a solid glasses case (which is included free with every order). I was really impressed with the quality of the glasses; I suppose I was very much under the impression of you get what you pay for. But when comparing these glasses to my previous glasses, bought from a popular high street store, I found no real difference. The frames are all plastic and, at first, were a little slippy on my nose, but with some careful bending of the arms, the glasses sit squarely and snuggly on my nose with no problems at all. They're super comfortable, very stylish, and would have cost me less than half the price if I'd have gone to my local opticians.

If you're due an eye test soon, and are dreading the costly expense of new glasses, visit Perfect Glasses! A huge range of products, wonderful quality, and hassle free ordering and delivery. What's not to love?!

Do you wear glasses?

*Products sent to me in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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