Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Brand New Diary!* || With Busy B

Busy B are one of my favourite stationery suppliers. Earlier this year, I featured the gorgeous Busy B Book Journal on my blog; and last year, I picked up a Busy B Busy Life Diary to keep me organised, and sane, in 2016! Earlier this month, Busy B were kind enough to send me one of their new, and bestselling, Busy Life Diaries for 2017! It was kind of a no-brainer that I'd share it on my blog; I know most of my readers love stationery almost as much as I do, so I had to clue you in on this must-have item.

The Busy B Busy Life Diary is the ultimate tool to help you keep your busy life organised. I was sent the Busy B Busy Life Diary 2017 - Stripes*, and the pages inside are a beautiful, deep purple colour. Which just happens to be one of my favourite colours! The exterior is a simple, yet striking, multi-coloured stripe design. There's a handy pen loop and elastic closure, too. I always seem to pick diaries that don't have pen loops, and it's so frustrating. Such a simple thing really; but it just adds to the usefulness of the diary! 

There's a slot on the inside back cover for matching Busy B Mini Sticky Notes; which I immediately went online and purchased once my diary had arrived! I don't know about you, but I use a lot of sticky notes in all my diaries. It's a bonus that these slot in the back, and that they match the design of the diary! I really like it when things match.

Inside, on those gorgeous purple pages, you'll find a new feature for the 2017 diaries; a grid layout overview of each month of the year. Really useful for jotting down appointments or events ahead of time. And easy to refer back to when you're in a rush! 

Every three months, there's a handy pocket for storage, and plenty of space for jotting down reminders, phone numbers or anything else you need to make a note of! And that's one of the things I really love about the Busy B Busy Life diaries; there's so much space for note-taking! 

Each weekly spread has a double schedule, so you can organise your life in a way that suits you. Personally, I use one side for all my blog related stuff, and the other side for general life stuff. Alternatively, you could have it arranged as "partner and you," or "parents and kids." Whatever works best for you! There's also space on each weekly spread for lists and to-do's; and who doesn't love lists?!

At the back of the diary, there's even more space for note-making. Honestly, you are so spoilt for space with this diary! 

And another handy feature that, believe it or not, does not seem to appear in most diaries anymore, is the contact log. I send a lot of snail mail, so being able to have my contacts all in one place makes life a lot easier. And even if you don't send snail mail, you can use the contact log to keep a note of addresses for Christmas cards; or important email addresses! 

In case my glowing praise throughout hadn't made it obvious; I bloody love the Busy B Busy Life 2017 Diary! I'm already feeling so much calmer for having this diary in my life. I love that there's just so much space for making lists (I make a lot of lists!), jotting down notes or just doodling. And the weekly spread which allows you to manage two schedules side-by-side is genius; it's the reason I bought a Busy B diary last year! It's perfect for us bloggers; balancing our blogging lives with our working/parenting/social lives. So, if you're yet to pick up a diary for 2017, or if you've struggled to find one that really suits your needs, I can't recommend the Busy B Busy Life Diary enough!

Do you use a diary to stay organised?

*Products sent to me in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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