Monday, 28 November 2016

Life: November Update!

I can't believe that in just four weeks time it will be Boxing Day, and Christmas will be nearly over. Along with 2016. How on earth has this happened? I know I say this every month, but time really is just flying by. And Christmas has snuck up on me this year. I mean; I've only bought one present so far. I'm so disorganised! But, for a few more days at least, I'm firmly in November, and today I'm sharing with you what I've been up to this month! 

Taking lots of Lush baths. When it's cold and wet outside, a Lush bath is the perfect end to a long day! 

Sampled some of the new Christmas drinks at Costa Coffee. My favourite so far is definitely the Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate! 

Got a haircut - and I love it! It's a radical change for me; I've had long hair for so long. But I'm glad I took the plunge and opted for a shorter 'do! 

New glasses; thanks to Perfect Glasses. A review will be up on my blog soon! 

Went to The Motorcycle Show at The NEC, Birmingham. My fiance and I go every year, with friends. 

Won a giveaway. Or two. I never win giveaways; and then I win two in one month. What?! The first giveaway I won was for a GOSH eyeshadow palette and Carmex lip balm. The second, for an advertising package on a fellow blogger's blog!

Picked up another colouring book! I have far too many last count? About six! But this Coronation Street colouring book was too good to resist.

Worked on a fantastic collaboration with My Kinda Book and Pan Macmillan. You can read the blog post here!

Picked up a new mug. My fiancé wasn't too happy about it...but it's so apt. I just had to have it!

Had more wedding venue viewings and meetings. I'd like to say we're closer to deciding on a venue, but we're really not.

Mostly, November was a pretty good month. But it did have its darker moments. I received the results of my first smear test at the start of the month which, unexpectedly, revealed I had abnormal cells on my cervix. I was referred to the hospital for a colposcopy and biopsy, and today I had that appointment. The news is mostly good - the nurses who examined my cervix say it doesn't look cancerous. But they've taken samples to send to the lab to check what grade they are. They expect the samples to be CIN1 - low grade abnormal cells. If that's the case, I'll be called back in for a smear every year for a while, so they can keep an eye on the cells. The biopsy wasn't pleasant - and I'm in quite a lot of pain as I write this, but I know it was worth it to make sure everything's a-okay down there! And now that I have that good news, I can start looking forward to Christmas, and 2017 (the year I tie the knot!) 

What did you get up to in November?

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