Monday, 3 October 2016

October Goals!

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Well, this has got to be a first...I'm actually excited to share how I got on with my September goals. And that's because I worked so hard on my goals throughout September, and I actually did really well. Let's take a look, shall we?

1. Read one book a week. I'm calling this a success. Admittedly, there was one week, my birthday week, where I didn't manage to finish a book because I was so damn busy. But I've worked hard at incorporating reading, even just a chapter, into my day, so reading one book a week wasn't really a challenge! 

2. Book wedding venue. Oh my god, this still isn't done. Turns out, it's harder than we thought to agree on a venue. I might roll this one over to October...

3. Clear-out my wardrobe. There are currently four big bags of clothes, handbags, purses, books and bedding in the spare room waiting to make their way to various charity shops!

4. Do something nice for someone. I set the wheels in motion on something that's going to, hopefully, put a massive smile on someone's face!

5. Eat at least one piece of fruit and veg most days. I did much better at this than expected, and I'm ramping it up in October to eat at least one piece of fruit a veg, every day!

Four out of five ain't bad, at all. It's definitely one of my better months. But one of these days, I'd love to hit that elusive five out of five!

Ah, October. Cold, rainy days. Darker evenings. Lots of blankets. Excessive hot chocolate drinking. Yep, I'm pretty damn excited for October. So let's see what goals I'm setting for October, shall we?

1. Read 5 books. I'm desperately trying to catch up with my GoodReads challenge, so the more I can read this month, the better! And since I've finally got my reading mojo back, I figure this should be no problem. 

2. Finish watching Pretty Little Liars. This may seem a little silly to some, but I have so many other series I want to watch on Netflix (Stranger Things, Making of a Murderer, to name a few!) But I can't watch them until I've finished the last few seasons of PLL. Plus, I'm not sure I can avoid the spoilers for much longer...

3. Drive on the motorway. For some reason, I've built the motorway up to be a really scary place as a new driver. Is that common? Does/did anyone feel that way? This month I want to feel the fear and do it anyway; by driving on the motorway! 

4. Swim regularly. Preferably, weekly. Or even bi-weekly!

5. Cut down on takeaways. Recently, we've been eating far too many takeaways, and it's just not healthy. I want to limit this to one per week, max; OR a meal out on the weekend. Home cooked meals, from now on!

Bonus: Book a wedding venue. I'm not actually including this in my goals, because I'm not overly optimistic we'll have this done before November. But I'd really like to get this done this month, before the venues we like run out of September dates!

What are your October goals? 

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