Friday, 28 October 2016

Life: October Update!

I can't quite believe I'm writing this post, to be honest. It seems impossible that we are at the end of another month already; let alone that we're nearly at the end of October. There's, what, only 7 weeks till Christmas now? And I'm feeling totally unprepared! Anyone else?! October was okay, quiet, but I think we needed that, to be honest. November is shaping up to be pretty exciting though, with quite a few things lined up already; a cinema trip to see A Streetcat Named Bob, buying (and playing, for hours) the new expansion pack for The Sims 4, a talk and book signing by Jodi Picoult, and Fireworks Night, of course! But for now, a little look at what I got up to in October! 

- Read lots of great books. 

- Went to so many wedding fairs, and wedding open days. But we still haven't decided on a venue yet! 

- Enjoyed a week off work.

- Took lots of Lush baths.

- Did my first motorway drive.

- Did my first motorway drive, solo!

- Jumped on the Hygge bandwagon. I can see why it's so popular, though. I'm looking forward to using Hygge to get me through the cold, dark months ahead!

- Started swimming, weekly.

- Started a new diet.

- Used up my stash of Lush bubble bars and bath bombs, ready to buy all the new Halloween and Christmas bits!

- Lost half a stone, in just over a week of being on a new diet!

- Went to the fair!

- Started decorating for Halloween (I decorate more for Halloween than Christmas, to be honest!)

- Went to the cinema, for the first time in ages, to see Inferno! 

- Got my brand new, shiny, pink driving licence back!

So that's what I got up to in October. Like I said, it was a quiet month, but there were still lots of lovely moments. I'll be sharing my October favourites in a few days, and then I have lots of new and exciting content planned for November; so that's something else to look forward to! 

What did you get up to in October, and what are you looking forward to in November?

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