Monday, 24 October 2016

Kitchen and Dining Room Inspiration* || With Fishpools

*This is a collaborative post*

My fiance and I moved into our own home, our first house together, over three years ago now. In that three years, we've realised that quite a lot of work needs doing! The walls need a new lick of paint, the fire could do with being replaced (with one that actually lights up...) and the kitchen needs a complete makeover.

Our house was built in 1990, so it's fairly modern, and the kitchen is by no means dire. But the counters are stained, the wooden cupboard doors cracking and splitting and it just feels very...dated. It's a kitchen diner, so we're limited on space, but I've been looking around for inspiration and I thought I'd share some of that inspiration with you guys!

My partner and I do have a folding dining table and chairs...that we only use at Christmas. Honestly, we prefer to eat on our laps in front of the telly. We're heathens, I know, but I can't see that changing anytime soon. I would love to get rid of the table and chairs set we already have, which is looking a bit worse for wear now anyway, and replace it with a breakfast bar, like the one below, and two or three bar stools. Fishpools* have a wonderful selection of bar stools, but my eye was particularly drawn to this one. I love the exterior wood effect, and the crisp white interior. I know I'm asking for trouble with white seating in the kitchen but what the hell!

At the moment, all of our money is going towards our wedding, next year, but once we've paid for that the plan is to save up enough to rip out our old kitchen and start again. New tiles, new cupboards, new counters. I can't wait!

I have my eye on this IT Sandford Cherry Effect Modern Fitted Kitchen from B&Q. I want a much lighter colour wood in our kitchen than we have now as, even with a double window and French doors, it doesn't get a lot of natural light. I also love the frosted glass effect cupboard doors for our posh wine, brandy and champagne glasses (which, again, don't get used until Christmas!)

I also really like these Illusion Mocha Marble Effect Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles, also from B&Q, for the kitchen half of the room. The rest of the room, the dining room side, is painted white, which we are looking to change to a slightly warmer but still neutral colour, and the flooring is all wood. So I think these tiles would compliment the rest of the room nicely!

I think that's enough kitchen dreaming for one day. It's going to be a year or two before we can find the money to pay for all our grand ideas, but I'm already buzzing for a new kitchen that is, frankly, sorely needed! Wish us luck in our planning.

What would your ideal kitchen look like?

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