Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Halloween Horror Flick Picks!

Did you know, watching scary movies is actually good for you?! It sounds farfetched, I know, but there's a whole article on why scary movies are actually good for you right here! How accurate the article is, I don't know. But it did get the juices flowing for tonight's blog post.

I am a huge horror film fan. It's practically all I watch - and the gorier the better! I've watched all of the films in the Saw series, more than once. And I've seen the original, as well as the remake, of A Nightmare on Elm Street. So I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite horror films; just in time for Halloween! (Oh, and if you do decide to watch any of these, remember a big ol' cushion to hide behind if it all gets too scary!)

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Sinister is one of those films I expected to be rubbish but which actually made me jump, A LOT. Which is difficult. I think all the time I've spent watching horror films has made me kind of immune to all but the best of them now. Without spoiling the film too much, a true crime writer moves into a very haunted home, where some very nasty deaths have occurred at the hands of a mysterious female. Very creepy, very jumpy.

The Babadook scared the HELL out of me. Scared me so bad, in fact, that I will never watch this movie again. Which is really unusual for me. I'm not usually afraid to watch a horror film again! Basically a single mother finds an unusual, and highly creepy book in her son's bedroom which unleashes some kind of hellish monster, Mister Babadook. If you decide to watch this one, you're definitely in for a sleepless night!

The Cabin in the Woods is slightly tamer, compared to the previous two, but I include it because I freakin' love the huge plot twist that comes at the end. Seriously, DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! This film perfectly mixes horror with humour, so if you're not quite as brave as I am, this would be the perfect horror flick for you!

Ah, Poltergeist. A horror classic, that has been remade and referenced so many times. I think even Family Guy did a Poltergeist inspired episode?! And apparently it's very recently been remade, last year, and I haven't seen the remake yet. So that'll be happening this Halloween. Back to the original Poltergeist (1984) though. The film features a haunted house, lots of ghosts, a slightly creepy (it can't be just me who thinks that, surely?!) little girl and plenty of scares. A must-watch for Halloween!

Those are my Halloween Horror flick pics, and a few of my favourite scary movies. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find at least one of these on Netflix, and you'll find most of these rather cheaply on Amazon if you're a Netflix user (but who isn't these days, really?) Do let me know what you're planning for Halloween; scary movie night in, or dressing up to go out? I'll be staying in with a big bowl of candy for the trick or treaters that come knocking and lots of scary movies!

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